Sri Lanka’s Undeclared War on Eelam Tamils 
…in the Shadow of the Ceasefire

The Record Speaks…   2002 – 2003 – 2004 – 2005 – 2006 – 2007

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Tamil Child in the Vanni
State Terror





and,  a growing list of Tamil intellectuals murdered by Sri Lankan State Agencies….. 

Kumar Ponnambalam










30 May 2002 Sri Lanka Special Task Force violates ceasefire & tortures Yogarajah Kanthakumar
26 June 2002 Torture & Disappearances continue despite laws
10 April 2003 Sri Lanka justice system  conducive to torturers – Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) at  59th Session of  UN Commission on Human Rights
15 May 2003 Sri Lanka soldiers attack Tamil civilians – and attempt to rape
15 May 2003 56,200 Tamils still remain displaced in government-held areas of Vavuniya and Mannar districts says British Refugee Council
30 May 2003 Sri Lanka Special Task Force violates ceasefire & tortures Yogarajah Kanthakumar
15 June 2003 Cordon and search operations by security forces and mass arrests resumed in Colombo
Mutur Tamil youths complain of torture by Navy soldiers
28 July 1983 Despite Peace Talks, Tamils remain detained without Trial – July 2003
October 2003 In the Shadow of a Cease-fire: The Impacts of Small Arms Availability and Misuse in Sri Lanka -Chris Smith – A publication of the Small Arms Survey –
7 October 2003 Sri Lanka Army, Police torture Balasingham Daiyaniharan –  hung by feet and beaten
28 October 2003 Sri Lankan Police and Army institutionally Racist’ concludes Official Inquiry
7 November 2003 Torture reports persist as Sri Lankan forces escape justice says UN Human Rights Committee – November 2003
6 November 2003 Concluding Observations of the United Nations Human Rights Committee on Sri Lanka
15 November 2003 Report on State Sponsored Violence in Sri Lanka by the Asian Legal Resource Center (ALRC) & the World Organisation against Torture(OMCT)
18 November 2003 Despite the cease-fire, many children still live their daily lives in a permanent emergency situation
11 February 2004 Hundreds of Christian Churches vandalised in Sinhala Buddhist Sri Lanka
11 March 2004 Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) reports on attacks on Press Freedom in Sri Lanka
17 March 2004 LTTE Merchant Ship sunk by Sri Lanka Navy
18 March 2004 Sri Lanka: Casual Killings: Seven People Shot Dead by Police within 70 Days
26 March 2004 Endemic torture and the collapse of policing in Sri Lanka’ says Asian Legal resource Center
27 March 2004 Tamil Escapee details 18-year detention, torture in STF camp
25 May 2004 LTTE demands SLMM inquiry into murder of Eastern University academic, Mr. Kumaravel Thambaiaha
26 May 2004 Deliberate Destabilisation:  Sri Lanka’s military makes a move in the east
31 May 2004 Aiyathurai Nadesan, Vice-President of the Sri Lanka Tamil Media Alliance shot dead

.’States that want to oppress a people do so by breaking their political will to resist injustice. To do this, oppressing states kill a societies intellectuals and journalists who speak for the rights of their people. This is is why they killed Nadesan. They want the Tamils to be intellectually rudderless. It is easier to enslave a people who have lost their ability to understand the nature of their oppression” Mr. D. Sivaram

2 June 2004 Pattern of Intimidation and Murder to Silence Independent Journalists

Nadesan had been harassed and threatened before his death because he had criticized the government and security forces, according to CPJ research”, the New York based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) said in a statement condemning the murder of the veteran Tamil journalist in Batticaloa on Sri Lanka’s east coast. Meanwhile Mr. Nadesan’s colleagues in the east demanded investigations into “the pattern of intimidation and murder to silence Tamil journalists.. “On June 17, 2001, a Sri Lankan army officer summoned Nadesan for an interrogation and threatened the journalist with arrest unless he ceased reporting about the army”, the CPJ said. “We are outraged by the murder of Aiyathurai Nadesan and urge authorities to find and punish those responsible for this crime,” said Executive Director of CPJ Ms. Ann Cooper.

13 July 2004 Terror stalks journalists in the east says RSF
5 August 2004 Tamil Youth tortured in Jaffna police station
2 September 2004 Another Attempt at disenfranchising Tamils
7 October 2004 Amnesty Calls on Sri Lanka to Prosecute Security Forces Responsible for Disappearances in Sri Lanka
2 November 2004 Tamil Centre for Human Rights Study Mission Reports on Human Rights Violations also புலிகளுக்கு எதிரான தகவல்களை மட்டுமே மனித உரிமைகள் ஆணைக்குழு வெளியிடுகிறது –  Virakesari Report
13 November 2004 Peace Process? What Peace Process?

“..we have to go on with the process, because one has to be knocking at the door. Even if you know that what is beyond the door could be not very pleasant, that is the only solution… for the first time  (the LTTE) has split into three. So things are changing. It is not because, I think, the personality of Prabhakaran may change… I do not expect much change from this particular leader. But movements change, other people may change, circumstances and political conjecture change. I think there is some hope..” Sri Lanka President Chnadrika Kumaratunga more

6 December 2004 “We are being pushed again in to the war era” says Federation of Public Organizations of Vavuniya District in letter to President Kumaratunga
13 December 2004 No Karuna group, only SLA psy ops’ –Kausalyan

Sri Lanka military intelligence has from time to time unleashed brutal state terror in the East, using individuals and paramilitary groups such as PLOTE Mohan and Razeek group. There is no Karuna group operating in the East now. The recent violence in the East in the name of ‘Karuna group’ is a continuation of this state terror by the SLA,” said Mr. E. Kausalyan, the political wing leader of the Liberation Tigers in the East, speaking to journalists at the LTTE secretariat in Kokkadicholai Saturday.

“Under the ceasefire agreement, the Government of Sri Lanka was obligated to disarm all paramilitary groups within 60 days. If the GoSL had fulfilled its obligation, there would have been no chance for violence,” observed Mr. Kausalyan. “By using the individuals and paramilitary groups that have been working with the SLA since well before the ceasefire agreement, SLA is engaged in psychological operations against the Tamil people of the East.”

Sinhala Chauvinism & the Tsunami Disaster
7 January 2005 The Killing of Pirapaharan! – New Delhi’s RAW & the Media
8 January 2005 Sri Lanka Obstructs Aid from Italy to Tsunami Victims
8 January 2005 Colombo blocks Kofi Annan from touring LTTE held areas – UN officials

“..Sri Lanka’s government has stopped visiting U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan from touring tsunami-ravaged areas controlled by the LTTE, despite his requests a Reuters report filed from Hambantota said. Annan was quoted as saying: “I am here on a humanitarian mission. I would like to visit all the areas, but as you know I am here as a guest of the government and they set the itinerary”. UN officials told Reuters that they had been striving to convince the government, but to no avail. “It is a relief visit, not a political one. The secretary general wanted to go, but it just didn’t happen,” said one official on condition of anonymity to Reuters. ..”

8 January 2005 LTTE condemns Sri Lanka State Media Reports that LTTE Leader was dead

“…Referring to a news item broadcasted by the Government owned Sri Lankan Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) Saturday morning, quoting Vice Admiral Daya Sandagiri as the source person, that the leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and the Intelligence Chief of the organisation are among the dead or reported missing consequent to the Tsunami tidal wave attack, the LTTE in a press release said that it “strongly protested against the mischievous act of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, stooping down to such low level of broadcasting news that are fabricated by interested parties… The government has a moral responsibility to ensure that its media exercise extra caution in broadcasting news material that tend to create tension and confusion, especially at a time the people are in distress consequent to the natural disaster…”


7 February 2005 Kousalyan killed in ambush by Sri Lanka Paramilitary

Mr. E. Kousalyan, head of the Liberation Tigers’ political division for Batticaloa-Amparai district was killed in an ambush on the highway to Batticaloa Monday night around 7.45…Liberation Tigers blamed paramilitary operatives working with the Sri Lankan armed forces for the attack.

8 February 2005 Ariyanayagam Chandra Nehru, ex-Tamil National Alliance MP for Amparai district, murdered
9 February 2005 Trinco shuts down in protest of Kausalyan killing
11 February 2005 Colombo should disarm all unauthorized armed groups- National Peace Council
12 February 2005 Military intimidation of relief workers escalate in Amparai, Batticaloa – TRO

The Tamils Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO) in an urgent press statement issued on Wednesday morning said that the intimidation of relief workers by the Sri Lankan Special Task Force (STF) has been escalating in several welfare centres in Batticaloa and Amparai. “The positive relief efforts coordinated by the TRO after the recent devastation are being severely disrupted due to recent STF intervention in the East” said the press release. The organisation said it is in the process of documenting incident reports as they continue to arise and sought clarification from the Government of Sri Lanka the “exact nature of instructions issued to the special task force”.


14 February 2005 R Shanmugananthan on the Callousness of the Chandrika Government

“While Tamils are grappling with the enormous rehabilitation work from the tsunami, the government is trying hard to obstruct any relief work in Tamil areas. In government-controlled Tamil areas Sinhalese soldiers are hindering the relief efforts being carried out by TRO. They are grabbing the emergency relief supplies and diverting them. In Trincomalee, according to reports from that area, they are diverting TRO emergency supplies to unaffected Singhalese areas. In other Tamil areas they are grabbing the relief supplies from TRO and distributing the supplies themselves. Seeing government soldiers in the rehabilitation camps is causing panic. Seeing a Sinhalese soldier in their camp is the last thing a traumatised Tamil person needs…” more


29 April 2005 Dharmaretnam Sivaram (Taraki) abducted and shot dead
1 May 2005 Government of Sri Lanka is Accountable for the Brutal Murder of Journalist Dharmaratnam Sivaram in Sri Lanka– Ilankai Thamil Sangam, USA
9 May 2005 Reporters Sans Frontiers urges Norwegian monitoring mission to carry out its own investigation into the murder of Dharmeratnam Sivaram
2 June 2005 Sri Lanka: Miscarriage of Justice – Mass Acquittal in the Bindunuwewa Massacre Case
28 September 2005 Grenade attack on Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation Office in Batticaloa,
13 October 2005 Murder of Principal Kopay Christian College & Sri Lanka’s Disinformation
24 October 2005 Systematic and widespread police torture in Sri Lanka  says Asian Legal Resource Centre
25 November 2005 Sri Lanka Reneges on 2002 Oslo Declaration and  on 2005 P-TOMS Agreement
13 December 2005 Shadow War in Sri Lanka:The Paramilitary Role

“While vocalizing support for the peace process (for international consumption), Sinhala leaders have done little to actually advance it… In fact, what was done is the exact opposite. Massive demonstrations against the Norwegian mediators, vigorous propaganda against federalism, take-over of key ministries in the peace process by the President on the pretext of ‘national security’, and so on and so forth.It is in this milieu that the existence of the so called paramilitaries, or the ‘other groups’ must be viewed and understood. If anyone believes that these paramilitaries are functioning without the support of the Sri Lanka government and the Sri Lanka armed forces, they are indeed hallucinating…”

8 December 2005 War By Other Means – Clause 1.8 key to saving truce – Tamil Guardian

“..A plethora of names are being bounced around – shadow war, stealth war, subversive war, and so on. But no concrete action is being taken to arrest it. .. Colombo’s schoolyard politics of sneak attacks and claims of innocence have been tolerated by the international community for too long. The Co-chairs must exert their influence with the new Sri Lankan administration to demonstrably implement Clause 1.8 of the Ceasefire Agreement immediately. A period of mutual de-escalation and confidence building is a sine quo non if a meaningful peace process is to resume. It must begin with an end to the Army’s covert onslaught…”

11 December 2005 Security forces cordon, search Mandaitivu
12 December 2005 Sri Lanka’s Special Task Force & Sri Lanka  Ministers complicit in paramilitary operations

“The two paramilitary cadres who surrendered to the Tigers in Amparai disclosed that Karuna operates from India and that Pillayan was leading the Karuna group operating in the east. They also revealed that Sri Lankan Government Ministers A L M Athaullah, Douglas Devananda and Maithripala Sirisena are complicit in helping paramilitaries operating in the east, during a press conference held at Thenakam guest house in LTTE controlled Karadiyanaru Monday. The cadres also said that the paramilitaries were involved in violence against Muslims to create dissension between Tamil and Muslim communities…”

13 December 2005 Security forces cordon, search Potpathi Road area
14 December 2005 Jaffna tense as SLA cordon, searches continue,
16 December 2005  SLA cordons off, searches Ariyalai village
18 December 2005 Disinformation Campaign: Attack on Sri Lanka Army Helicopter & Norwegian led Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM)
18 December 2005

Rape and murder of Ilaiyathamby Tharshini

19 December 2005 Sri Lanka troops open fire at demonstration in Jaffna
18 December 2005 Sri Lanka Army  attack injures worker
18 December 2005 SLA attacks Irupalai auto-rickshaw drivers
19 December 2005 Sinhala occupation army on a rampage in Jaffna – V.Thangavelu

“The Sinhala occupation army in Jaffna is once again on the rampage. Reports coming from the peninsula for the last 2 weeks speak of SLA soldiers systematically sweeping areas of potential unrest and conducting cordon and search in the Jaffna peninsula. Several villages that include Kachchai area in Thenmaradchy, Ariyalai in Jaffna, Myilankadu in Valikamam North, Erlalai North and Mandan in Vadamaradchy area have been subject to cordon off and search operations…”

19 December 2005 Reign of State Terror in Sri Lanka – International Federation of Tamils

“The Member of Parliament for Jaffna, Mr Gajendran who was with the marchers was also severely wounded in the army assault. Prof. Perinpanathan of the Faculty of Humanities and Kandeepan, the President of the Medical Students Union were admitted to the hospital with gunshots. The bullet aimed at the Vice Chancellor, Dr Mohanathas, whistled past, as he was quick to fall flat on the ground along with the other marchers, at the sight of impending danger.However, he and Prof Sivachandran were severely butt-assaulted and subsequently rushed to hospital for treatment along with many others.”

19 December 2005 Reign of  State Terror in Sri Lanka  –  Australasian Federation of Tamil Associations

“The Australasian Federation of Tamil association joins the International Federation of Tamils (IFT) in strongly condemning the ‘Reign Of Blind Terror’ imposed by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces on the Academic Community in Jaffna, in which the Vice Chancellor of the Jaffna University, Deans of Faculties, Senior Lecturers and Student Council Leaders were brutally shot at, assaulted, and trampled on their way to the office of the Peace Monitoring Commission on Monday, 19 December, to hand over a memorandum protesting against the recent army and paramilitary atrocities perpetrated on the student population and the civilians in Jaffna within the last two weeks…”

20 December 2005 Withdraw armed forces from civilian inhabited areas in NorthEast – Tamil National Alliance in Sri Lanka Parliament

“The Tamil National Alliance vehemently condemns the conduct of the Sri Lankan armed forces not only with regard to the practice of State Terror against unarmed innocent Tamil civilians, but also the brutal suppression of the Tamil peoples’ right to peacefully protest against the shameful and despicable sexual assault and murder of an innocent, vulnerable young girl. Incidents of this nature have been systematically used by the armed forces against Tamil civilians as a weapon of war.”

20 December 2005 Tamil journalists suffering repeated arrests and harassment – Reporters Without Borders, 20 December 2005
23 December 2005 Sri Lanka Navy attacks Civilian Tamils in Pesalai

Extra Judicial Killing of Jude Sugathy (Theresa) Croos , Jude Arokiyathass Fernando, Emmani Croos, Emmani Anthonikkam Croos

26 December 2006 Abduction and torture of Selvaratnam Uthayaraj
27 December 2005 US Tamils saddened and shocked by brutal murder of Joseph Pararajasingham

“The international community must take concrete actions to stop Sri Lanka State terrorism. We are aware that when known leaders of the Tamil struggle are killed, such as Mr. Kausalyan, the head of LTTE’s Eastern political wing and the head of the Eastern Tsunami reconstruction efforts, and Mr. Chandra Nehru, the Human Rights activist and journalist Taraki, the international community expressed concerns.

However, the assassination of Mr. Joseph Pararajasingham demonstrates that these concerns have not had any effect on the Sri Lankan government. It is appalling that these and other deaths are never investigated fully and brought to any conclusion. The impunity with which Tamils killings are never properly investigated or punished including mass murders are an encouragement for the armed forces to continue with their killings. However the LTTE is blamed without any effective investigation. This is part of the war to marginalize and dehumanize the only force that can effectively speak up for the Tamils…”

28 December 2005 Extra Judicial Killing of Thambirajah Arulajanthan by Sri Lanka Military
31 December 2005 Sri Lanka Military shows its Hand in the Murder of Joseph Pararajasingham, News Watch.

“The Joint Operations Command of the Sri  Lanka… knows that the grossly impudent lie will leave traces behind even after it is nailed down. The ‘even handed’ approach of the BBC is one result – “Sri Lanka’s government and rebel Tamil Tigers have blamed each other for the murder”. But those who are not beguiled by the so called ‘even handed’ approach, will insist on asking the question: why did the Joint Operations Command lie about the identity of the killers of Pararajasingham?  Organisations (like individuals) lie when they have something to hide. What was it that the JOC sought to hide?…”

31 December 2005 920 Tamils arrested in major cordon, search operation in Colombo

“Sri Lankan Military troopers and the Colombo Police have arrested 920 Tamils, including 105 Tamil women, in a joint cordon and search operation in Colombo between Friday midnight and Saturday noon  in Tamil residential areas in Wellawatte, Bambalapitiya, Maradana, Kotahena, Grandpass and Mutuwal… Two-thousand troopers from the Sri Lanka Army, Navy and the Air Force together with 1500 policemen took part in the operation conducted in 15 police areas in Colombo following the orders given by the SL President Mahinda Rajapakse to the Inspector General of Police .. The Police described the search operation as a major move to crack down “LTTE activities” in Colombo.”

1 January 2006 Involuntary Disappearances in Sri Lanka Looming Large Again – International Federation of Tamils

“…More than 920 Tamils have been arrested and detained in Colombo alone in one overnight search. Sri Lanka armed forces are descending on Tamil homes in the middle of the night, privacy of the Tamil bedrooms is trespassed, men and women, young and old, in their night-clothes are bundled up in awaiting vehicles and taken away for interrogation and detention. Although the government tells the international media that many are being released after an identity check-up, they are being arrested over and over again, and subjected to an ordeal of being fingerprinted, photographed, and videoed…”


4 January 2006

Sri Lanka Army  murders, breaches Ceasefire & Lie Again – This Time, the Brazen Lie

” Five innocent Tamil youth have been deliberately shot and killed in cold blood by security forces around 7.45 p.m. on 2nd January 2006 on the road close to the beach abutting Dockyard Road and the road leading to Fort Frederick at Trincomalee. Two other innocent Tamil youths sustained serious injuries at the same time and place caused by a grenade explosion…” more

4 January 2006 Unarmed civilians need protection against a Vindictive Armed state – International Federation of Tamils

“This is the second urgent appeal the IFT, International Federation of Tamils is making to the IC, International Community within a week…  In complete contrast to the statement made by the military spokesman on the killing of five teenage boys in Trincomalee that they were LTTE cadres killed accidentally in a blast while assembling an incendiary with an intent to attack a military installation, the autopsy made by the state medical officers on their bodies, has revealed that they were shot through their ears at a very close range. It was also subsequently revealed that they were all advanced level qualified civilian students from the same school on a normal evening camaraderie at the beach…

…Five were killed instantly while two are in hospital, critically wounded. A spokesperson for the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission, Helen Olafsdottir, told BBC Sandesaya, that there was evidence that all five students had been shot in the head in a manner she described as resembling “executions.” This is naked State terrorism perpetrated on unarmed school children. The Tamil nation, both in Sri Lanka and belonging to the Tamil Diaspora appeals to the International Community to condemn the barbaric act of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces and prevail on the President of Sri Lanka to take immediate and strong action against the perpetrators… Unarmed civilians need protection against a vindictive armed state.”

6 January 2006 Extrajudicial killing of Iyathurai Baskaran
7 January 2006 Disappearance of Parimalarajah Robinson
10 January 2006

Open Appeal against Sri Lanka Army Atrocities – Dr N Malathy, NESOHR Secretary General

“Over the last six to seven weeks atrocities by the Sri Lankan armed forces and paramilitaries against civilians in Northeast have escalated to alarming levels.Sri Lankan armed forces so far have been responsible for at least 45 deaths and more than 100 disappearances and innumerable shooting/beating and injuring of civilians who were going about their daily lives…”


11 January 2006 Abduction of Balakrishnan Rajeevmohan by Sri Lankan Army – Case Report
11 January 2006 Sri Lanka army beats to death Tamil farmer in Trincomalee
11 January 2006 Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) urges Sri Lanka to prevent ‘forced disappearances’ by security forces

“The BBC Sinhala Service revealed today a report by the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) stating that enquiries are ongoing regarding 20 complaints of forced disappearances that are alleged to have taken place during the month of December 2005… In recent decades, Sri Lanka has had one of the worst records in the world concerning forced disappearances… Past experience dictates that forced disappearance in Sri Lanka entails the killing of persons following arrest. The arrests are performed secretly, so as to circumvent legal safeguards and to prevent any traces of evidence being left concerning the abduction and any further ill-treatment…” more

11 January 2006 Amnesty International calls for halt to the killings, abductions and “disappearances” being reported daily from the north and east of Sri Lanka.
12 January 2006 Amnesty Appeal: Four Disappearances – Soosaithas K Marinthiran (m), aged 31, laborer ; Sebastiampillai P Ruban (m), aged 24, bus conductor; Balakrishnan Rajeevmohan, age 21, laborer; Selvarajah Uthayarajah (m)
12 January 2006 Abduction of N Kandeepan and T Tharmasri by Sri Lankan Army
15 January 2006 Tharmarasan Tharmaseelan shot dead in Kayts by Sri Lanka Para Military
16 January 2006 Three women members of Maaveerar family shot dead in Manipay

Bojan Renuka, 30, and Bojan Shanuka, 23, and their mother Bojan Arthanageswary were shot dead by  Sri Lanka Army (SLA) intelligence operatives

16 January 2006 Extra Judicial Killing of Sithambari Ganesaratnam and Visuvar Krishnan in Kaithadi
16 January 2006 Extra Judicial Killing of Suppiah Murugan in Urumpiray
18 January 2005 Disappearance of Mathuranayagam
18 January 2006 ATBC Interview with Chairman, NorthEast Secretariat on Human Rights (NESOHR) Fr. M. X. Karunaratnam on Killings
18 January 2006 ATBC Interview with Tamil National Alliance Jaffna District Member of Parliament Mr. S. Gajendran on Sri Lanka State Terror
20 January 2006 Arbitrary Killing of Kanapathy Murugesu
20 January 2006 Sri Lanka continues to violate state obligations towards Tamils

“The Government of Sri Lanka not only failed to carry out proper investigations into the assasinations of reputed Tamil leaders, parliamentarians, journalists and activists, but it has also failed to take appropriate actions to prevent the recurrence of such crimes against the ordinary Tamil civilians, all four Tamil parties in the Lankan parliament charged in a joint memorandum sent to SL President Mahinda Rajapakse Friday. The joint statement was issued by the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), Ceylon Workers Congress (CWC), Upcountry Peoples’ Front (UPF) and Western Province Peoples’ Front (WPPF) that jointly staged a protest campaign within the chambers of the Sri Lankan Parliament. “

21 January 2006 Thurairajah Ravichandran shot dead in Kayts by Sri Lanka Security forces intelligence operatives
21 January 2006 Nadarajah Yogeswararajah, shot dead in Puthur, Jaffna by Sri Lanka Para Military
21 January 2005 Illayathamby Ramakrishnan shot dead in Thunnalai, Jaffna by Sri Lanka Para Military
21 January 2006 Tamils accuse the army of killings and abductions: All along the Tamil-dominated coastline, joining the Tigers has become a common cry reports BBC
22 January 2006 Sri Lanka President blames security forces for murder of Joseph Pararajasingham and the five Trincomalee Students
22 January 2006 Mannar Keeri village residents face displacement
23 January 2006 Chandragajan Krishnagobi, shot dead Meesalai, Jaffna by Sri Lanka Intelligence Operatives
23 January 2006 Extra Judicial Killing of Chandrakanthan Vijayatharson
24 January 2006 Subramaniam Sugirtharajan, Tamil Journalist shot dead by Sri Lanka Para Military
24 January 2006 Ramalingam Suntheralingam shot dead in Muttur
24 January 2006 Thambipillai Selvarajah shot dead in Muttur
26 January 2006 Kapilan killed by Sri Lanka Military in Vadamunai
29 January 2006 Thambiah Jeyarajah, a farmer shot dead in Trincomalee
30 January 2006 Sri Lanka Paramilitaries abduct Tamil Staff members of Tamils Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) in Welikande/Batticaloa
31 January 2006 Disappearance of Chullipuram Student, Ramanathan Ratheeskumar
1 March 2006 No end to military excesses even after Geneva talks
3 March 2006 LTTE sentry ambushed in Batticaloa, two dead
4 March 2006 LTTE condemns attack on Vavunathivu sentry point
9 March 2006 Paramilitary cadre guns down bus passenger in Batticaloa
13 March 2006 EPDP, Karuna Group and PLOTE amongst paramilitaries – US State Department
13 March 2006 Paramilitary cadres abduct two 15-years-old boys in Valaichenai
14 March 2006 Seven more youths abducted in Batticaloa
1 April 2006 Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka – Report of Special Rapporteur on Conflict Related Human Rights Violations: Part 1Part 2Part 3, & Part 4.
7 April 2006 Vanniasingham Vigneswaran, President of the Trincomalee District Tamil Peoples’ Forum (TDTPF)  shot dead by Sri Lanka Para Military

“..The assassination of the key Tamil activist has taken place when the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) was about to announce the appointment of Mr. Vigneswaran as the national list Parliamentarian to fill the position held by Joseph Pararajasingham MP who was slain in Batticaloa on Christmas eve…”

12/15 April 2006 Sinhala hoodlums attack and kill Tamils in Trincomalee
17 April 2006 Bodies of three Tamils  murdered by Sri Lanka Army found in Puliyankulam jungle
19 April 2006
Sri Lanka’s Shadow War – Australian SBS Dateline Presented by George Negus

“… Another beautiful but troubled island nation, Sri Lanka, devastated by the tsunami but already hugely damaged by the stop-go civil war between the government and the rebel Tamil Tigers, a brutal conflict that’s left more than 60,000 dead. In recent years, a fragile cease-fire put a clamp on what had been open hostility. But now, in what was already a complex conflict, a new, third force has emerged. Dubbed the ‘paramilitaries’, they’re accused of attacking the Tamil Tigers as a proxy force for the government. The government denies this, countering that the so-called paramilitaries are a fiction concocted by Tiger propagandists. So what’s the real story? Here’s Dateline’s Aaron Lewis. And a warning that some sequences in Aaron’s report could upset some out there. … And while the Sri Lankan Government is either unwilling or unable to remove the paramilitaries from this conflict, then a return to full-scale war seems inevitable..”

19 April 2006 Five Tamil civilians shot and killed by SLA soldiers in Puthur East, Jaffna

Sri Lanka Army (SLA) soldiers shot and killed five Tamil civilians Tuesday night close to an SLA 51-1 Division camp located at Vatharavathai, 13 km north-east of Jaffna. The soldiers took the five civilians, a Municipal Council official, an electrical mechanic, a farmer and two auto-rikshaw drivers, into their camp and later brought them out to an open terrain and gunned them down, villagers said. A terror-campaign, let loose on the civilians in Puthur in October 2005, when the villagers spoiled a rape attempt by the soldiers, triggered a series of Claymore attacks in Jaffna. Tuesday’s killings come a few hours after Australia commending Colombo for “not retaliating in kind.”

20 April 2006 NorthEast Secretariat on Human Rights report on civilian deaths and disappearances from March until 18 April 2006
26 April 2006 All Ceylon Tamil Congress Member A.K.Senthilnathan assassinated
26 April 2006 Sri Lankan Air force bombs Muthur – D.B.S.Jeyaraj
27 April 2006 International Federation of Tamils calls upon the International Community to condemn and censure Sri Lanka’s war crime & gross breach of  the CFA

“..Neither party to the CFA has a right to adopt retaliatory measures. The parties must report any violation to the SLMM for appropriate action or give two weeks’ notice to withdraw from the agreement. Defying this stipulation, unilaterally commencing a retaliatory attack is a gross breach of the CFA. In addition, the attack by government forces on civilian targets, causing death and extensive damage to civilian property, making people destitute is a humanitarian violation and is a war crime under Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court Article 2 ( c ) and 2(e). International Humanitarian Law does not permit warring parties to attack civilian targets and civilian lives. The “retaliatory action” directed on civilian targets in Trincomalee-Batticaloa areas on 25-26 April are the actions of a terrorist state intent on terrorising the Tamil people into submission…”

27 April 2006 Brian Senewiratne, a Sinhalese from Australia – Sri Lanka Bombs its Own People
29 April 2006 Consolidated Report on Trincomalee displacement following the escalation of violence starting April 11, 2006 – Information compiled by the Joint team of Trincomalee United Nations and Non Governmental Organisations
4 May 2006 Sri Lanka Army soldiers kill 7 Tamil civilians

Sri Lanka Army soldiers opened fire and attacked with Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) launchers two three-wheelers with 7 youths inside, killing all of them on the spot. The attack took place inside a lane near SLA Intelligence Camp in Navindil, 300 meters from Nelliyadi junction in Vadamaradchi, Jaffna, around 2:15 p.m. Thursday. The victims, who were on their way to attend a birthday party, were attacked by the SLA men in retaliation to a grenade attack that took place behind their Intelligence camp where 3 SLA personnel, including an officer, were wounded.  The seven victims from Rajakiramam in Karaveddy were identified as:

Selvarajah Suman, 22,
Veluppillai Vimalan, 21
Nagaratnam Naguleswaran, 18,
Palachandran Krishanthan, 18,
Thamotharampillai Sharmilian, 17,
Navaratnarajah Nathanna, 19,
Subramaniam Subash, 19

The attack on the youths from Rajakiramam, a village located 500 meters south of Nelliyadi, comes as the villagers were mourning the deaths of another 2 auto-rikshaw drivers who were killed recently.”

8 May 2006 Eight ‘missing’ Tamils from Manthuvil feared killed by Army – D.B.S. Jeyaraj
8 May 2006 Tamil civilians murdered, by and under the supervision of, Sri Lankan Armed Forces (SLAFs) – Since Geneva talks on 24 February until 8 May 2006 – Report by LTTE Political Wing, 9 May 2006
9 May 2006 International Federation of Tamils writes to UN Special Rapporteur, Extra-judicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions on Escalation of Extra-Judicial Killings by Sri Lanka agencies
10 May 2006 International Educational Development  and Association of Humanitarian Lawyers write to Special Rapporteur on Extra-judicial, summary or arbitrary executions and to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner For Human Rights

During the long years of this armed conflict, we have been distressed that the international community has not kept its focus on application of humanitarian law, and has allowed States with their own geopolitical interests at stake in the situation to reframe the discussion about it. This has been to the great detriment to both unbiased and equal attention to both sides of the conflict, but has also led to a kind of international “demonization” of the Tamil people and the LTTE.  From this perspective, military operations that are legal for combatant forces in an armed conflict carried out by the LTTE are widely discussed as “terrorist,” while aerial bombings of schools, hospitals, churches (many of them sheltering persons displaced by the armed conflict) by the Sri Lankan armed forces receive little or no condemnation, although these acts are identified in humanitarian law as violations, if not grave breaches.

Much of the widespread torture, admitted to but dismissed in a crudely cavalier fashion by government authorities interviewed by the Special Rapporteur, occurs in the context of the armed conflict and is hence a grave breach of the Geneva Convention, as is, of course, any death as a result of torture.

But these grave breaches — war crimes in international law — receive almost no condemnation for what they actually represent…

13 May 2006 Sri Lanka Navy murders 13 civilian Tamils (including a 4 month old baby and a 4-year-old child) in Mandaithivu

Murdered: Ketheeswaran Yathursan (4 months), Ketheeswaran Thanushkanth (4), Palachamy Ketheeswaran (25), Ketheeswaran Anex Ester (23), Abraham Robinson (28), Sellathurai Amalathas (28), Kanesh Navaratnam (50) , Joseph Anthonymuttu ,(64) Sinnathurai Sivanesan(46), Murugesu Shanmugalingam (72), S Kantharoopan (29), Shanmugalingam Parameswari (65), Ratnam Senthuran (38)

15 May 2006 International  Monitors confirm extrajudicial killings by Sri Lanka

“For the first time, the monitoring mission’s field staff were authorised to speak on the record about what they had found. They say publicity is the only weapon they have. The monitors say suspected military killings target civilians believed to be LTTE-linked. Ponnuthurai Thayanithi, 27, killed last week, had one sister who had died fighting for the Tigers but was not believed to have any direct link. Police initially refused to come and inspect the body, said Heiskanen. “This is where the girl was killed in the middle of the day,” Heiskanen said. “As you can see, we’re about 60 metres from an army checkpoint. There are always three soldiers there. The girl had two bullets in her head. They didn’t hear or see anything.”  Heiskanen said he asked the soldiers why they had not noticed the killing taking place within sight and earshot. They said that as the shots were fired, there was a particularly strong gust of wind, so they had heard nothing. “I said ‘how do you know what was the exact time?’“ he said. “It is ridiculous. They don’t even try to make things up.””

15 May 2006 Extrajudicial killing of Tamil civilians by  Sri Lankan Armed Forces (SLAFs) – Report by LTTE Political Wing
19 May 2006 International League for the Rights & Liberation of Peoples writes to  Ms. Louise ARBOUR, High Commissioner of Human Rights, Geneva

As an NGO accredited to the UN Human Rights Commission for many years, we follow with great concern the developments in Sri Lanka. The cease-fire of February 2002 is valid only in name, while the situation on the ground is worsening day by day. Not surprisingly, it is the civilians who suffer the most of the renewed warfare. Thus, according to the Nordic truce monitors 191 people were killed in April alone, the vast majority of them civilians. It was the bloodiest month since the cease-fire was signed over four years ago. On May 12th, the International Herald Tribune wrote about the situation in Trincomalee under the headline ’Savagery replaces Sri Lanka’s eroded cease-fire’ about the spectre of a repeat of the anti-Tamil pogrom of 1983 that started the civil war which cost more than 65.000 lives, lead to 800.000 internally displaced persons most of them still languishing in camps and more than half a million of expatriates. The government of Sri Lanka talks of peace but going by the increase of the military budget this year of 23 per cent prepares for war.

23 May 2006 High Commissioner for Human Rights expresses deep concern over killing of civilians in Sri Lanka
30 May 2006 International Federation of Tamils on Making of a Killing Field
7 June 2006 5 killed, 14 wounded in SLA penetration attack in LTTE controlled Batticaloa
8 June 2006 Sri Lanka Army rapes and murders Tamils in Vankalai, Mannar
14 June 2006 International Federation of Tamils calls upon High Commissioner For Human Rights to condemn murder and rape of Tamils in Vankalai
17/18 June 2006 Sri Lanka Navy murders Tamil civilians in Pesalai Church
4 July 2006 Ambalavanar Punithavathy Raped & Murdered
4 August 2006 Pon Ganeshamoorthy: a Tamil Nationalist, murdered by Sri Lanka Intelligence Operatives
4 August 2006 Massacre of 17 Aid Workers by Sri Lanka Army – President Mahinda Rajapakse’s Proven War Crime
6August 2006 Report of Fact Finding Mission by the Consortium of Humanitarian Agencies (CHA) on Muttur, Trincomalee District
13 August 2006 Sri Lanka shelling kills atleast 15 Tamils who sought refuge in Allaipiddy church
14 August 2006 Sri Lanka Air force kills 61 school children and wounds 129
21 August 2006 Journalist Sinnathamby Sivamaharajah assassinated
26 August 2006 Amnesty calls for urgent action to protect civilians
1 September 2006 Sri Lanka’s military conducting slow pogrom – Tamil Guardian on Race War
2 September 2006 Death Threats for Humanitarian Workers
6 September 2006 Extra-judicial killings escalate in Jaffna
3 October 2006 Are Sampoor Tamils children of a lesser god? – – D.B.S. Jeyaraj,
4 October 2006 Sri Lankan Government prevents International Commission of Jurists observing inquest into deaths of 17 ACF aid workers – ICJ Press Release
5 October 2006 Sri Lanka Militia abducting hundreds of Tamils in Sri Lanka
14 October 2006 29 reported missing in Colombo – Civil Monitoring Committee
22 October 2006 Civil Monitoring Committee on Extra Judicial Killings, Abductions & Disappearances
24 October 2006 Jaffna faces humanitarian catastrophe

Closure of A9, the only trunk road to Jaffna from rest of Sri Lanka, more than 10 weeks ago, has halted the flow of essential food provisions, and medical supplies to Jaffna Peninsula, and if urgent steps are not taken, the residents will face severe humanitarian crisis, civil society leaders in Jaffna warned Monday. Jaffna residents face malnutrition and imminent starvation; and shortage of medical supplies and doctors, have wreaked havoc with the peninsula’s fragile health care system, hospital and Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) sources said.

30 October 2006 Sri Lankan State Terror: Through the Eyes of a Dissident – Cameron Walker, in Scoop Independent News
2 November 2006 Sri Lanka Airforce attack near Hospital – A Message of Terror says LTTE
3 November 2006 Sri Lanka intensifies attacks in Vanni, Vaharai after Co-Chairs Failure to Condemn Killinochchi Bombing
4 November 2006 International Federation of Tamils calls upon the International Community to Respond Meaningfully to Sri Lanka’s Message of Terror
8 November 2006 Sri Lanka attacks Vaharai  Refugee Camp after Co-Chairs’ Failure to Condemn Killinochchi Bombing, 8 November 2006
10 November 2006 Tamil Parliamentarian Raviraj shot dead in Colombo after Co-Chairs’ Failure to Condemn Killinochchi Bombing
10 November 2006 Karen Parker, Humanitarian Law Project Writes to  UN Commissioner for Human Rights on Sri Lanka’s Violations of International Humanitarian Law
12 November 2006 Sri Lanka Army intensifies artillery barrage on Vakarai
13 November 2006 UN: Sri Lanka military ‘recruiting child soldiers’
13 November 2006
13 November 2006 Catholic Aid Charity on Humanitarian Crisis
15 November 2006 Sri Lanka’s Strategy of Terror has International Backing – Tamil Guardian
16 November 2006 Death Due To Starvation – first case reported in Jaffna peninsula
16 November 2006 Humanitarian Law Project writes to UN on Humanitarian Crisis
17 November 2006 Manitham Appeals to UN Secretary General on Deteriorating Situation in Tamil Homeland
18 November 2006 Sri Lanka Army  massacres Tamil students in Thandikulam Agriculture Farm School in Vavuniya
19 November 2006 38,000 Tamils face starvation in Vaharai, humanitarian disaster imminent – Sampanthan
20 November 2006 Vaharai children eat roast fish to quench hunger
29 November 2006 British Tamils appeal to Blair over humanitarian crisis
1 December 2006 Headless body of abducted Kayts youth found
2 December 2006 Garage owner Mylvaganam Thavarajah shot dead in Chavakacheri
7 December 2006

Sri Lanka’s State Terror – the Terror of the White Van… Video

7 December 2006 13 Tamil civilians abducted after reinstatement of PTA
8 November 2006 Amnesty calls for inquiry into attack on displaced Tamils
9 December 2006 15 Tamil civilians feared killed, 41 wounded in 11 hour artillery barrage
9 December 2006 SLA fired artillery shells hit school, 13 refugees..
10 December 2006 19 more Tamil refugees killed, new SLA offensive south of Vaharai
10 December 2006 Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapakse’s war crime in Vaharai: artillery attack on  refugee camps kills 34 Tamil women, children and civilians and wounds hundreds
16 December 2006 Professor S. Raveendranath, Vice Chancellor of the Eastern University of Sri Lanka abducted by Sri Lanka para military
2 January 2007 Aerial attack on Padahuthurai, a crime against humanity
12 January 2007 Tamil suspects detained at Boosa camp
15 January 2007 Vaharai tragedy – An Unfolding Misery
18 January 2007 Vaharai is Starving
27 January 2007 Attack by Navy on Fisherman from Negombo
29 January 2007 Genocidal Crisis in Sri Lanka – Karen Parker writes to UN Commissioner for Refugees
1 February 2007 Jaffna MPCS President assassinated
3 February 2007
5 February 2007 Humanitarian access, genocide – Karen Parker writes to  UN office for Coordinating Humanitarian Affairs
25 February 2007 Aftermath of Invasion of Vaharai

More than 200 civilians were killed and hundreds of others injured in the five-month long Sri Lanka military offensive carried out in sea, air and land on Vaharai and adjoining coastal hamlets. Nearly 40,000 IDPs stay in 49 temporary shelters and with friends and relatives elsewhere in the military controlled part of Batticaloa district. The Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from Vaharai and neighboring Trincomalee district express resentment over the inequity in reimbursing relief and compensation by Sri Lanka Government authorities.

6 March 2007 Inter Agency Standing Committee Country (IASCC)Team – Fact Sheet
11 March 2007 4 disappearances, 4 abductions in 48 hours in Jaffna

” Jeyachandran Prathap, Maiyoor Chandramohan, Devadas Christy Prasanna, Balasingham Surendran, Jesuthasan Jeyasuthan, Paramsamy Visaharan, Marimuththu Kumutharaj, Amirthalingam Alaheswaran”

4 April 2007 Bombing of White Pigeon Building in Puthukkudiyiruppu, Mullaitivu District
14 April  2007

Bloodbath looms in war-torn Sri Lanka 
Special Correspondent, News Weekly  (for 60 years Australia’s Independent News Magazine),

“Sri Lanka’s “dirty war” against its Tamil minority has surpassed the level of abuses seen in General Augusto Pinochet’s Chile, and is now increasingly being compared with Pol Pot’s murderous rule in Cambodia… The growing influence of China in Sri Lanka accords with what is happening in many countries around Australia. From the deep-water ports of Sri Lanka, communist Chinese naval power could one day straddle the Indian Ocean.”


7 June 2007 Sri Lanka forcibly deports Tamils from Colombo to Tamil Eelam, 7 June 2007
29 June 2007 NGO Report on Vaharai – An assessment undertaken between 26 May – 22 June 2007, Narrative Report filed on 29 June 2007

7 July 2007 The Latest Militarized Zone of the GoSL is in Muthur East – LTTE Peace Secretariat
31 July 2007 Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) jet bombs Church and School in Alampi – TRO Situation Report on Mullaitivu, Kilinochchi, Vadamaradchchi East (Jaffna), Mannar & Vavuniya, 16 July 2007 – 31 July 2007
1 August 2007 UN Report on Displaced – Batticaloa District
23 August 2007 Submissions to the Presidential Commission of Inquiry and public on human rights violations in Sri Lanka

“The Law & Society Trust, in collaboration with four local partners including the Civil  Monitoring Commission and the Free Media Movement, has compiled a working document listing 547 persons killed and 396 persons disappeared during the period January to June 2007. The complete confidential document, with names, locations of incidents and all available data, has been submitted to the Presidential Commission of Inquiry (“the Commission”) as well as relevant members of Government…”

9 October 2007 Sri Lanka’s Colonisation of East Tamil Eelam
3 November 2007 Five People are Killed or Disappear Daily
14 November 2007 “Disappearances and killings will continue” – Sri Lanka’s Army commander, Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka in UK Channel-4: Unreported World Killing for Peace


Full Text of Ceasefire Agreement, February 2002
Sri Lanka’s State Terror in Streaming Video –
The White Van – Vaharai Tamil Refugees – Bombing Children – Tear Drops
Video Presentation – Escalation Of Violence In northeast Sri Lanka 2005: Part 1/2 –Part 2/2
Tamil civilians killed by Sri Lanka – in the Shadow of a Ceasefire… 12 months toDecember 2006  Daniel Quinton (24)Mylvaganam Thavarajah (28)Nadarajah RavirajMurugesu Markandu (62)Murugesu Shanmugarathinam (56)Rathinam Sarawathy (59)Shanmugaratnam Sasi (20Shannmugaratnam Krishanth (18),SivamaharajahK.Vimalathasan (30)C.Vijayasekaran (25)SivasangaranThambirasa Lakiya (17)Mahalingam Vensidiyoola (17)Thuraisingam Sutharsini (17),Nagalingam Theepa(19)Thambirasa Theepa (19)Thirunavukkarasu Niranjini (18),Raveenthirarasa Ramya (18),
Kanapathipillai Nanthini (18)Vijayabavan Sinthuja (18)Naguleswaran Nishanthini (17),  Tharmakulasingam Kemala (19)Arulampalam Yasothini (18) Muthaih Indra (18)Murugaiah Arulselvi (18), Sivamoorthy Karthikayini (18)Santhanam Sathyakala (20)Kanagalingam Nirupa (17)Kanagalingam Nirusa (17)Navaratnam Santhakumari (18)Nagalingam Kokila(19)Sivamayajeyam KokilaShanmugarasa Paventhini,Balakrishnan Mathani (18)Sivanantham Thivya (18)Thambirasa Suganthini (18)S.Vathsalamary (20)Thanabalasingam Bakeerathy (19)Thanikasalam Thanusa (19),Pathmanathan Kalaipriya (18)Markupillai Kelansuthayini (18)Rasamohan Hamsana (19)Vivekanantham Thadchayini (18)Santhakumar Sukirtha (19)Uthayakumaran Kousika (19)Nallapillai Ninthija(18)Veerasingam Rajitha (18)Thamilvasan Nivethika (18)Suntharam Anoja (17)Puvanasekaram Puvaneswari (17)Kiritharan Thayani (17)Mahalingam Vasantharani (18),  Thuraisingam Thisani (18),Vairavamoorthy Kirithika (19)Chandramohan Nivethika (17)Sellam Nirojini, Tharmarasa Brintha (17)Thevarasa Sharmini (17)Varatharaja Mangaleswari (17),Rasenthiraselvam Mahilvathani (18)Nilayinar Nivakini (17)Kubenthiraselvam Lihitha (19)Chandrasekaran Vijayakumari (27)Kandasamy Kumarasamy (48),Solomon Singarasa (65)S Jeyarubi (20),  G. Kavitha ( 27)S. Ganesh (54)K.Kovarthani (28), S.Romila (25)V.Kokilavathani (29), G. Sreethraran ( 36)Primus AnandarajahMatahavarasa Ketheeswaran (36)M. Narmathan (24)R. Arulraj (24)P.Pratheeban (27)M. Rishikeshan (28)Y. Kodeeswaran (31)Muraleetharan (35)K. Koneshwaran (24 )Abdul Latif Mohamed Jauffer (Age 31)A. JaseelanPon Ganeshamoorthy,
 Ambalavanar PunithavathyManaval Claramma Leela (75),Jesuthasan Jude Nixon (23)Cyrilappar St.Jude (22)  Turairaja Vijekumar (39),Kodalingham Linganathan (20)Abdul Raheem Latheep (28) Mary Medaline (27),Moorthy Martin (35)Ann Nilxon (7)Ann Luxica(9)Ketheeswaran Yathursan (4 months)Ketheeswaran Thanushkanth (4)Palachamy Ketheeswaran (25),Ketheeswaran Anex Ester (23)Abraham Robinson (28)Sellathurai Amalathas (28),Kanesh Navaratnam (50) , Joseph Anthonymuttu ,(64) Sinnathurai Sivanesan (46,Murugesu Shanmugalingam(72)S Kantharoopan (29)Shanmugalingam Parameswari (65)Ratnam Senthuran (38), Somasuntharam Maheswary, ..Thanuskodi  PreminiKasinather GanesalingamThangarasa,  Shanmuganathan SujendramThambiraja VasantharajanKailayapillai RavindranArunesarasa ,  Satheesharan, .Ramanathan RatheeskumarThanuskodi  PreminiKasinather GanesalingamThangarasa,Shanmuganathan Sujendram,Thambiraja VasantharajanKailayapillai Ravindran,Arunesarasa  SatheesharanThambiah JeyarajahMajor KapilanThambipillai SelvarajahRamalingam SuntheralingamKandasamy VaikunthanAnthonippillai Soosainather, Thevasahayampillai Jeyakumar Soosainather,  Subramaniam SugirtharajanChandrakanthan VijayatharsonChandragajan Krishnagobi,Illayathamby RamakrishnanThurairajah RavichandranKanapathy Murugesu,Mariyanayagam MaruthanayagamSuppiah MuruganSithambari Ganesaratnam,Visuvar Krishnan,  Bojan RenukaBojan ShanukaBojan Arthanageswary,Tharmarasan Tharmaseelan,  N Kandeepan ,T TharmasriSoosaithas K MarinthiranSebastiampillai P Ruban,  Selvarajah UthayarajahS. Thanabalasingham,Balakrishnan RajeevmohanParimalarajah RobinsonIyathurai Baskaran,Thangathurai Sivanantha,  Logithasan Rohanth,  Shanmugarajah Sajeenthiran,  Manoharan RajeeharYogarajah Hemachandran (20)Thambirajah Arulajanthan (15),Joseph Pararajasingham (71)Jude Sugathy (Theresa) Croos (30) Jude Arokiyathass FernandoEmmanual Croos (42), Emmanuel Anthonikkam Croos (42)Jude Arokiaraj Parunandu (3) and many more…
Velupillai Pirabaharan  – Maaveerar Naal Address, 27 November 2005 “I wish to explain here a matter of crucial importance, which betrays the politics of duplicity of the Sinhala ruling elites. You would have heard about a secret shadow war being waged against our organisation behind the screen of peace. This subversive war has been unleashed with the aim of weakening our liberation organisation and to undermine our struggle.A large number of people consisting of our senior cadres, important members, supporters, Tamil politicians, journalists and educationists who were sympathetic to our cause, have been cowardly murdered. We know the real masterminds behind this shadow war. Though these violent acts were committed under the guidance and direction of the Sri Lankan military intelligence, we are aware that mysterious hands of some racist Sinhala politicians are behind these nefarious activities.This subversive war is being conducted in the government controlled territories, with the backing of the armed forces, utilising Tamil para-military elements as instruments. We expressed vehement protest to the Sri Lanka government when our unarmed political cadres were murdered and our political offices were bombed in the government controlled areas. Since the government ignored our protests we were compelled to withdraw our cadres to our controlled areas.

A strange low intensity war has been unleashed against us taking advantage of the conditions of peace effected by the ceasefire. Disarming the Tamil para-military groups is an obligation of the state under terms of the Ceasefire Agreement.

Having failed to fulfil this crucial obligation the Sri Lanka state has been utilising the Tamil para-militaries as instruments of this subversive war against our liberation organisation. This is a serious war offence. This is similar to a treacherous act in which one stabs you in the back with one hand while pretending to embrace you with the other. This behaviour clearly demonstrates that the Sinhala ruling elites have no genuine interest in peace and ethnic reconciliation. The Sri Lanka state has not given up the military option but rather transformed the war into a new mode of state terror under conditions of peace. We hope that the international community will discern the real mode of this shadow war and perceive its ugly face and ulterior motives.”

Source:   TamilNation.org
Content on this page last updated 14-11-2007 by TamilNation.org

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