Killing Fields of Sri Lanka (R. Dixon)

Posted on 06/01/2012


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Killing fields of Sri Lanka

by Richard Dixon

22 May 2009


When Justice failed in Teardrop Terror Island!

Sixty years of State Terrorism in Sri Lanka

BBC journalist with the jubilant crowd in Colombo was telling us, how terrorism has now been defeated in Sri Lanka. It is a clear indication that the world still hasn’t grasped the fundamental root cause behind the civil unrest in this country.

State terrorism has always been the major problem in this tiny island. It is an ugly and arrogant monster that always keeps his head above the seas and mountains of Sri Lanka.

Properties of the Tamils were destroyed and Tamils were burned to death in the seventies

For more than sixty years, successive Sri Lankan governments backed by racist Sinhala extremists have been oppressing the Tamil minorities. They brutally killed thousands of innocent Tamils, burnt their properties and sent the rest in ships as refugees to the North of the country in the fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties.

When Tamils asked for their rights, Sinhala extremists always responded with violence.

Pearl of the Indian ocean has now become a land of the demons

They have now killed thousands of innocent Tamils in one of the most cruel wars in the history of the mankind. They used internationally banned weapons on innocent women and children and murdered them without showing any mercy.

They kept on using the buzz words “War on Terror” and “Humanitarian Operation” to justify their atrocities. They made the people to starve for months, denied medicine  to the sick the elderly and let the wounded to die in the open fields.

Innocent women and children were killed in hospitals, schools and even inside bunkers. Thousands of wounded civilians were burnt alive in the bunkers.

They brutally killed the rebels who surrendered with white flags and violated all the norms of a conventional war.

They are now busy burning and dumping the bodies of innocent Tamils.

Media and aid workers are not allowed to the war zone because the Sri Lankan forces are working day and night to hide all the evidences.

Those who did manage to leave the war zone were sent to barbed wired concentration camps. Sri Lankan forces are regularly filtering out young people from the concentration camps and taking them for questioning. Many of these children don’t return.

Hell on earth

Young Tamil women are raped and tortured in these notorious camps. Dead bodies of the innocent Tamils are thrown outside the camps with deep wounds on their heads and necks.

Forced disappearances, random killings, rape, torture and the list goes on. Sri Lanka has become one of the worst countries in the world that telling the truth is considered as a crime and those who tell the truth are punished.

Pearl of the Indian ocean has now become a land of blood thirsty demons.

Experts of the free world have failed to see the bigger picture

Many military strategists, political analysts and terror experts in the free world have either failed to recognise the deeper issues in Sri Lanka or they have deliberately applied a methodology to cause one of the greatest humanitarian tragedies of the century.

In any conflict resolution or problem solving exercise, one of the most important parts is to see a bigger picture and define the problem accurately.

What goes wrong very often is that the parties who come forward to solve an issue tend to focus on just part of the problem or they try to deal with the symptoms instead of the root cause.

It will be worse, when a party deliberately implement a wrong solution to a problem with hidden agendas.

When they do that, they don’t just fail to solve the main issue but they even end up making the real problem much bigger.

Complexities in the Sri Lankan civil war very often make even the so called wise to misinterpret the truths and make decisions against the vulnerable in the society.

A complete jigsaw puzzle that shows a crying baby can be made into a monster if half of the pieces are removed.

Instead of becoming sympathetic towards the crying baby, the jigsaw player is now confronted with a monster that is made up of half of the pieces.

Those who considered that LTTE was the only problem had failed to understand that they were missing half of the pieces in the puzzle.

Implementing solutions without understanding a problem can cost innocent lives and what has happened in Sri Lanka in the last few months is a proof for this.

Lessons from Medicine

A fever is considered as one of the body’s immune mechanisms to attempt a neutralization of a perceived threat inside the body, be it bacterial or viral. Carl Wunderlich discovered that fever is not a disease, but the body’s response to a disease.

Any sensible Physician would try to find out the root cause of the disease instead of wasting time dealing with the symptoms.

Disease in Sri Lanka is State Terrorism that has been going on for more than 60 years.

Unless the root cause is dealt with, Sri Lanka will continue  to hear the voice of the oppressed louder and louder.

Mankind has already lost its sanity

When BBC and other channels in the UK gave importance to the celebrations in Colombo but failed to mention about the thousands of wounded and dying Tamils in the war zone, one has to question if the mankind has already lost its sanity.

Sri Lanka celebrates killingsKillers are honoured

We can’t bring peace to the trouble spots in the world with people who have heads but no hearts.

We desperately need diplomats who have the hearts for the oppressed and suffering people

Story of the Tamils

Tamils in Sri Lanka had their own nation before but it was merged with the Sinhala kingdoms during the British rule

When they left this beautiful island in 1948, it was left to function as one country. Democracy failed in Sri Lanka because the successive governments that came to power were always chosen by the majority Sinhalese.

Sinhala governments backed by the Sinhala Buddhist extremists, always tried to please the majority in order to remain in power. They came up with policies to discriminate Tamils in education, employment and other arenas. Sinhala was made the only official language and Tamils were made as second class citizens.

Tamils can be compared to the Jewish people who lived under the Nazi regimes. Even under persecution, they worked hard to make their lives better.

Sinhala governments had many times ordered their agents to kill Tamils and destroy their properties. More than two thousand Tamils lost their lives in 1983.All of them were murdered by the Sinhalese in the south of Sri Lanka. They were murdered in prisons, schools, hospitals and even in churches.

Successive Sinhala governments had implemented several state sponsored colonisation schemes that Tamil villages and towns were turned into Sinhala settlements. Many homes and farms in the eastern and north eastern provinces were forcefully taken from the Tamils and were given to the Sinhalese. Names of roads and towns in Tamil areas were changed from Tamil to Sinhala.

Tamil Libraries and cultural buildings were burned to dust in order to wipe out the history of Tamils from Sri Lanka. Highly intelligent Tamil youth were denied University places.

Jaffna library was burned to ashes by a Sinhala mob in 1981 (It was the biggest in the South Asia at that time)

In 1981, Sinhala politicians ordered a Sinhala mob to burn and destroy the Jaffna public library. At that time it was South Asia’s biggest library. The 95,000 volumes of the Public Library destroyed by the fire included numerous culturally important and irreplaceable manuscripts.

After years of oppression under murderous Sinhala regimes, frustrated Tamil youth took arms to fight for the survival of Tamils and to reclaim the Tamil Kingdom that they had lost during the British rule.

Sri Lanka is no longer a safe place for the Vulnerable

Sadly, one of the greatest humanitarian tragedies of the century is taking place in front of our eyes.

Intervention of India and China has made the Sri Lankan ethnic issue much more complex . While the dogs are fighting for a bone, innocent Tamil civilians are dying like flies.

Response from the individuals, politicians, international organisations and heads of the states have shown to us that Sri Lanka is no longer a safe place for the victims but the wicked has a lot to rejoice for.

Justice has failed in this tear drop terror island. Killing fields of Sri Lanka are flowing with the blood of innocent men, women and children.

Tamils are persecuted in concentration camps. Young men and women are disappearing daily from these torture chambers.

Saving innocent lives is one of the greatest things we can do to show to the world that we obey our conscience and we are still humans.

If we are going to wait till we get the permission from Sri Lanka, that is never going to happen. A killer who is busy dumping the bodies of the innocents is not going to invite us and show us how cruel he is.

Urgent steps should be taken to save the dying Tamils from the hands of the brutal Sri Lankan regime.

Richard Dixon

Source:  Richard Dixon, Telegraph (UK)