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Posted on 06/01/2012


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Emerging Powers turning into blood-sucking leeches

The Time of Judgement has arrived to the Land of Terror

Can the new King of Sri Lanka bring deliverance to the Tamils?

Emerging Powers turning into blood sucking leeches
by Richard Dixon

Injustice and Inequality in an unfair world

“Life is not fair” is a phrase that always echoes in the far corners of this Earth. A fifteen year old boy may have to work sixteen hours a day, in a poor African country just to get one meal a day for his sick mother and five siblings. This may not be the case in many other places in the world. Even the rulers of some poor countries, could be using gold plated toilets and marble baths while the poor hunt for bread crumps in rubbish dumps.

We are now so used to living with other people money without any shame. Resources on this earth are not distributed fairly among its inhabitants. We have built intelligent systems to steal, what belongs to others. Our banks no longer focus much on their traditional roles, instead they employ rocket scientists to build sophisticated gambling machines in order to rob the poor and give to the rich.

Corrupt regimes, can to some extent be blamed for the misery of people in their lands. Instead of setting the people free from such regimes, some of the big players use this as an opportunity to exploit the vulnerable people for their own selfish gains.

Value of life is not the same in every country. When the twin towers fell and three thousands perished, we all knelt down and wept. The whole world came to a stop for few minutes. We declared “War on Terror” against each and every single armed group in the world, including the ones that are genuinely fighting to free their communities from oppressive governments. Hands of the oppressed were tied and the weapons were given to many corrupt Nations. This is what we call Justice today.

Four hundred thousands were slaughtered in Darfur, Eight hundred thousands perished in Rwanda because the terror regimes in these countries were driven by ignorance and greed. No leader in the world declared “War on Genocide” even after seeing millions of deaths. Instead, some of the world powers aided genocide in these poor countries.

Although, the world media still stick with the figure of seventy thousands, the actual number of people, perished in the Sri Lankan civil war is around three hundred thousands. Fifty thousands were killed just within a short period of time in the recent war in Sri Lanka.

We have millions of evidences to prove that a systematic genocide is taking place in Sri Lanka while the Nations are watching. Neither UN nor any other world power is being able to stop the madness that is still going on in this country.

Security Council no longer agree on any decisions that are vital to save the vulnerable and oppressed people on this earth. Permanent members use their Veto powers just to cover their own dirt and to protect the other bullies in their club.

Our parliamentarians are hanging on to their positions and they are forced to sort out their expense claims to keep their jobs. Leaders of some powerful nations are not being able to focus on the real issues because they are chased after, to give explanations for things they did when they were teenagers. Senior staffs in the UN no longer have the freedom to do what is right. They have to dance according to the tunes played by their masters who have conflicting interests. It has now become a common practice that the leaders in the UN and top diplomats speak the truth only after their retirement.

We have robust systems in place, to protect the criminals and torment the victims. Our legal systems are so advanced that diplomats and politicians have to think hundred times, before making any comments. Just to make life easier, they keep their mouths shut even at times it is important to speak out.

Even during a humanitarian crisis, our leaders would still act like electronic parrots who can only repeat the same recorded words that would comply with national and international laws, just to make sure that they hang on to their jobs. The world is dying for leaders who can at least use their basic common sense to help the persecuted people on this planet.

We talk about political correctness. We are very concerned about little things but we turn a deaf ear, when the real-world calamities strike the mankind. We are planning to stop using Christmas lights in our towns because we think it will offend people from other religions. We are supposed to write “Traces of Nuts” on peanut packets. Doctors have to break their heads before writing prescriptions, because most of the drugs have side affects. They will be sued if something goes wrong. We have been very successful in sending many talented doctors, writers and politicians to the prisons and letting the criminals to roam around our cities.

Praising the Sri Lankan regime for slaughtering thousands of innocents and letting the Tamils to languish in the concentration camps is another example that we have become real hypocrites and jokers who have bigger mouths, smaller brains and corrupt souls. Playing cricket with a country that is flowing with the blood of the innocent men, women and children, shows that we no longer have any moral principles to guide our lives. We are now even quite comfortable to sit and have tea with a Hannibal while his hands are still stained with the blood and his room is filled with the stink of rotting human flesh.

UN Staffs along with the Sri Lankan leaders were happy to fly over the killing fields and blood stained beaches of Sri Lanka, while having their hands on knives and forks.

Emerging powers are turning into blood sucking leeches

The so called emerging superpowers are turning themselves into blood sucking leeches. Nobody can deny that these great nations have security concerns and they have to find a way to feed their own people. That doesn’t mean that they have God given right to slaughter the innocents in third world countries by giving support to the brutal regimes.

We teach our children to share everything because it is always a sensible and the right thing to do. Unfortunately, the great powers in the world still haven’t grasped the idea that gold in the lands and oil in the seas can also be shared. One might be able to forgive, when a country steals the resources from another country but it is completely unacceptable when thousands of innocents are sacrificed at the feet of greedy and selfish giants for them to fill their Gold pots.

If my neighbour wants to kill his step children and dump them in his back garden, I wouldn’t give him my shot gun just because he is offering me a free parking space in his garage. I wouldn’t feed my own children with the strawberries growing on the graves of the innocent children. I wouldn’t be going for his barbecue parties. I wouldn’t play golf with such a murderer.

As a sensible human being, I would stop him from abusing his step children in the first place. I would call the police to save lives before it is too late. I would alert all my good neighbours about a tragedy unfolding in front of my own eyes.

What China and some other emerging powers do to the vulnerable people of this world is nothing different from an evil man who give a shot gun to his neighbour in order to get free parking space and strawberries growing on the graves of the dead children.

China supplied weapons and provided training to the fighter pilots in Sudan. China was giving interest free loans while the Sudan government was slaughtering thousands in Darfur. One doesn’t need to be rocket scientist to recognise that China was acting selfishly.

China was complicit in Genocide as Sudan had opened up its oil fields for this sleeping giant. Western countries raised their voices but nothing was done to stop the genocide. As usual, the UN also stood back and remained powerless until everything was over.

What happened in Darfur has now become a standard model for the big beasts to secure their strategic interests in many parts of the world. They try to find trouble spots in this world, identify the abusive strongman who is having an upper hand and make the oppressor happy by giving him the toys and tools that he enjoys the most.

More than fifty thousands innocent Tamil civilians were slaughtered on the sandy beaches and jungles of Sri Lanka with the weapons and unlimited ammunitions supplied by the Chinese government. Three hundred thousands are now locked up in barbed wired concentration camps.

UN and other international organisations have so far failed to break this cycle of crimes being committed by the superpowers in various parts of the world.

“Exploiting someone’s weakness for their own benefit” is a simple phrase to describe the hell going on in Sri Lanka”. This is just like someone purposely creating a virus, spreading it and then selling the vaccines to make money. An internal conflict in Sri Lanka has now been made worse by its greedy neighbours. They are now lining up with spanners and hammers to fix the problems in Sri Lanka.

The way they are trying to fix it, is quite like how any selfish person would approach an issue. A genuine mediator might get bad name from either parties of a conflict by being fair on both sides. This is what happened to the Norwegian mediators in Sri Lanka. But the ones that are now trying to fix Sri Lanka are helping the strong party to the conflict to destroy the weaker one completely.

Cases are sometimes dropped in courts when the victims are dead or nobody is there to defend the victimsHelping Sri Lanka to kill the Tamils with deadly weapons and make them powerless is the strategy now being used by Sri Lanka and its greedy partners to deal with the conflict. Such method can’t be called as conflict resolution but it is an unfair conflict termination by eliminating one party to the conflict. This is almost like injecting poison and killing the patient to free him from sickness. This approach would enable the emerging superpowers to strengthen their ties with Sri Lanka and to carry on with their hidden agendas.

No country is willing to rescue the dying people in Sri Lanka. What is happening to the Tamils in Sri Lanka is not a fairy tale, not a film but it is a real story. They are real people. Cruelty against them is real. Deaths of the thousands are real and theignorance and arrogance of the mankind are also real.

Masters of War and Silent Spectators

It has taken quite a while for many of us to understand, that what was happening in Sri Lanka was not “War on Terror”. If the war was just against the Tamil Rebels, the so called saviours of this country would have taken all the necessary steps to protect the vulnerable community once the war was over. Rulers of this land are still tormenting innocent Tamil men, women and children inside barbed wired concentration camps, even after crushing the Tamil rebels with the help of China, Pakistan and India. This has become a shocking revelation and eye opener for many parties who were initially supporting the war in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka wants to weaken the Tamils in order to establish a Sinhala Buddhist State. China wants to build ports in the South of Sri Lanka for military and commercial purposes. India wants to neutralise the Chinese threats and to establish its rule in the Indian Ocean. Pakistan has got its own agendas, what an evil combination. They have all been competing with each other to satisfy a country that is determined to flush out all the Tamils.

Sri Lanka has now become a football ground for many countries and the rulers of this land are delighted to entertain the players. Every time a ball is kicked, it kills the innocents and the pitch gets flooded with the blood. Players don’t care about how many are dying because it is part of their evil game.

China and India were the main players in the recent Sri Lankan war. They are still in the pitch, kicking the air. When people were dying in thousands, even the West didn’t do anything to stop; instead we also stood back and watched. We were more interested in finding out who was going to win the game in the Indian Ocean instead of focusing on the humanitarian crisis.

UN has failed to stop the bloodshed. West has failed. All the so called Human Right organisations have failed.

India and its role in Sri Lankan war

India is a successful democracy with the population of 1.17 billion. So many different races, cultures, colours and religions live relatively peacefully. Most of the ethnic groups have their own States and every State in the country is given a degree of autonomy within this great Nation. People of India are mostly religious, hard working and non violent and they still maintain very strong traditional family values.

India hasn’t got a consistent foreign policy towards Sri LankaRAW which is the external intelligent agency in India has done great damage to Sri Lanka particularly to the Tamil community. India can’t be fully blamed for this because the Sri Lankan regimes very often make unpredictable moves therefore India is forced to change its policies.

As any other intelligent agency, RAW has a legitimate responsibility to protect India from its enemies, by being proactive. However, India could have achieved its objectives without helping the Sri Lankan government to slaughter thousands of Tamils.

RAW provided military training to the Tamil rebels in the early eighties in order to challenge the Sri Lankan government that had closed links with the Western Countries including the US. Tamil youth were trained in different groups. RAW was also to some extent be responsible for fuelling enmity and competition between different Tamil organisations.

Contrary to what many people believe, it is Indian’s interest to maintain a troubled Sri Lanka than a peaceful nation for India to spread its wings in the region. Disturbance in Sri Lanka would give an excuse for India to keep its Navy in Sri Lankan waters.

Indian peace keeping forces and Tamil rebels fought an unfortunate war between 1987 and 1989. Around twelve hundreds Indian soldiers lost their lives and many thousands were wounded in Sri Lankan soil. This was a bitter experience for India.

From year 2001 until the start of war in 2007, India kept a distance from Sri Lanka, although activities were going on behind the scenes. India stopped supplying offensive weapons to the Sri Lankan military.

Indian involvement in recent Sri Lankan war was quite controversial. China and Pakistan provided with all the weapons and India provided the intelligence to the ground troops.

India was well capable of stopping the war but it failed to do it even when thousands of innocent men women and children were perishing in Vanni. Some Indian leaders made contradictory statements, pretending like they were after peace while pressing the “Attack” buttons on their remote controls.

India may have its concerns that Sri Lanka might become a launch pad for China and Pakistan in its own backyard. Letting the Tamils to die in the hands of the Sri Lankan forces was not an easy option for India either.

India has no enmity with the Tamils in Sri Lanka but it has made a historical blunder by supporting a corrupt Sri Lankan regime to commit genocide against the Tamils just to satisfy a racist Nation, so that it can secure its interest in the Indian Ocean.

Indian forces are now going to occupy the Vanni region with the excuse of clearing land mines.

Nation of India has unfortunately deviated from its principles and core values, it was originally built upon. India might build rockets to the moon and giant monuments reaching to the skies but India will not succeed if it corrupts its own soul by aiding Genocide in other countries.

India should dream of becoming a superpower not just by wealth and technology but also proving to the world as a defender and guardian of Human rights.

Cries of men, women and children, who died in Vanni, are still echoing in the thundering skies of Vanni. These voices will keep on haunting every Indian because India has blood on its hands.

China and its role in Sri Lankan War

China has a total population of 1.33 billion. It is an emerging superpower that manufactures 50% of the items that is used in an average household in the West.

In order to feed all its citizens, to have access to raw materials and energy and to protect its strategic interests, China obviously needs to maintain close relations with countries that have something to offer.

A country that crushed 3000 protesters by rolling tanks in Tinanamon square, China hasn’t got a great reputation for human rights. If a country can’t treat its own citizen’s well, we can’t expect them to be concerned about people dying in other countries.

China has been very aggressive with its foreign policies in recent times. This sleeping giant has woken up and giving support to many corrupt regimes on earth to fulfil its agendas. Sadly, China has directly or indirectly aided genocide in many countries including Sudan and Sri Lanka.

Although, India provided the directions and intelligence for the Sri Lankan war, it was China that had given all the dangerous weapons and ammunitions to kill the Tamils in thousands.

Most of Tamils who died in Sri Lanka were killed by Chinese weapons. Sri Lanka has allowed China to build a controversial Port in the south of Sri Lanka.

Chinese intervention in Sri Lanka is not about defeating the Tamil rebels but to reward the country that had given the permission to build infrastructures in the strategically important Indian Ocean.

Indian intervention in Sri Lankan war is more to do with stopping Sri Lanka going in the hands of other countries, than defeating the Tamil rebels.

In summary, neither China nor India was keen on killing the Tamils. Just like China supported the Sudanese government to commit genocide in Darfur, they supported the Sri Lankan government to slaughter the Tamils in order to look after their strategic interests in the India Ocean.

If China and Pakistan didn’t supply weapons to Sri Lanka, we wouldn’t have seen the recent war in Sri Lanka.

West was deceived by Sri Lanka and its allies

War in Sri Lanka was started even with the blessings of the West and Japan.

Sri Lankan authorities with its PR partners, prepared a dossier to justify the war to the international community. This proposal was submitted to many countries including the EU, US, Norway and Japan.

Sri Lanka and its allies were able to convince many countries that Tamil rebels were a danger to the whole world. They were able to demonise the Tamil community, with lies and deceptions for their own advantage.

Comments made by some Western leaders and Japanese representatives during the war clearly showed that these countries were fully supporting the war in Sri Lanka but they felt very uncomfortable when the war became very dirty at the end. Many openly talked about post LTTE scenarios which means they all had the maps in their hands.

One of the main reasons why the UN and Western countries couldn’t take a strong stand to stop the war even when thousands of innocents were dying was because there were all there when the button was pressed at the start of the War.

Only difference is that the West never gave the approval to kill innocent men, women and children. Sri Lanka was not given the go ahead to send Tamils to barbed wired concentration camps.

Sri Lanka has now deceived the western countries and revealed its true face. Sri Lanka lied to the whole world that it was conducting a war with surgical strikes and “Zero Civilian Causalities”. It also denied that heavy weapons were used against civilians.

Torture, murder, rape and all kind of human right violations in the concentrations camps of Sri Lanka, are now sending shock waves across the world. Deportations of Western reporters, journalists and politicians from the Sri Lankan Airport and denial of access to the death camps of Sri Lanka for aid workers are showing the face of rebellious country that is willing go to any extent to defy international humanitarian laws.

UN no longer has a backbone

No wonder why the UN acted the way it acted during the Sri Lankan war. Staff members in the UN were simply dancing according to the different set of tunes that were played by various parties to the war.

UN who is supposed to be a guardian of the oppressed and vulnerable, remained as a silent spectator while thousands were perishing in the sandy beaches of Sri Lanka.

It is so obvious that UN was manipulated and was made to act in this way by some master magicians.

Master magicians are now trying to save Sri Lanka

China and India voted in favour of Sri Lanka in the human rights council. Their vote was like praising a murderer in a criminal court. Sri Lanka was congratulated by these countries for the war because they were also the culprits.

These two countries have both been involved in high level PR campaigns to hide the war crimes committed by Sri Lanka. Arrogant voice from Sri Lanka in the recent times is to do with its close bonding with India and China.

India has recently said that it would give aid to Sri Lanka in case if the loan from IMF is denied or delayed.

Indian and Chinese media have constantly been releasing news, supporting the Sri Lankan government since the start of the war. Sri Lanka not allowing Aid agencies and Journalists to the IDP camps and to the killing fields is done with the full support of India. This is to hide the war crimes and to silence the witnesses of the war. Three doctors who served thousands of wounded in the killing fields are now locked up in Sri Lankan jails. India is capable of requesting Sri Lanka to release these doctors but it has chosen not to.

Sri Lankan President and many cabinet ministers in Sri Lanka have recently acknowledged that they fought India’s War in Sri Lanka.


Indian and Chinese military, political and security leaders that are playing chess games in Sri Lanka, have caused so much death and destruction to the innocents. What is the point of becoming a superpower when the power is used to kill and destroy the oppressed and vulnerable people of this world?

So called guardians of this earth can use buzz words like Terrorism, National, Regional and International security, Global warming and Energy in international conferences and pretend like the saviours of human race but it is all meaningless when the same hypocrites advise their own governments to aid genocide in other countries.

Instead of playing Tic-Tac-Toe games in the Indian Ocean, China and India and even the West should sit together and discuss what they all want to achieve in the Indian Ocean. China with such a population has genuine energy requirements, India has its concerns and it is sensible for all these countries to find common ground and initiate constructive discussions.

These emerging superpowers should help the oppressed communities in Sri Lanka and other troubled nations on this earth, instead of helping the oppressive regimes and turn these countries into a hell in order to feed their own people.

Earth’s natural resources are being depleted so quickly. It is sensible for the energy hungry Nations to invest heavily on sustainable solutions like Hydrogen technology and Solar power. This would help us to save the planet and avoid human rights violations that are directly linked to the unfair competition between countries for raw materials and energy resources.

Any country that fails to protect the oppressed and vulnerable on this earth, and having worst human rights records, can’t become a leading Nation no matter how many rockets it sends to the Moon.

Fifty thousands were slaughtered in the killings fields by the Sri Lankan government with the help of India and China who are now acting like blood sucking leeches in the Indian Ocean. Three hundred thousands are now languishing in the death camps. Sri Lanka and its allies are doing all that they can to hide their crimes.

Rwanda, Sudan and now Sri Lanka, it is another wake up call to the World.

Genocide in Sri Lanka is real. Innocents are still being tortured, raped, murdered and starved. We have to make a choice whether to let the killings continue or we do something to stop it.

Written by Richard Dixon

Sri Lankan Puppets in the Hands of Emerging Superpowers

by Richard Dixon

We all wept when the Asian Tsunami took the lives of thousands

When the Asian Tsunami struck the shores of Sri Lanka, more than thirty thousands died instantly. They stopped breathing in minutes after they were swept into the ocean. Their last chapters were very brief.

News channels from major broadcasting networks were showing the horrors of tsunami twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Media and Sports personalities appealed for aid. We packed gifts and took it to our churches and schools. Nations of the free world gave billions as aid to a country that still treats its Tamil minorities as second class citizens.

But the world remained silent when thousands of women and children experienced painful slow death in the killing fields of Sri Lanka

Another disaster struck the Tamils of Sri Lanka recently and this was a war conducted with many hidden agendas. More than fifty thousand innocent Tamil civilians were killed and thirty thousands were maimed in one of the most brutal wars in the history of the mankind. This war has cost more lives than the Asian Tsunami in this tear drop island.

Men, women and children were forced to live inside bunkers without food and medicine for months. Innocent civilians were bombed and killed by Chinese F7s and Russian MIGs in schools, hospitals and public places. Heavy artilleries and banned weapons were used against the helpless and vulnerable.

Many had to experience slow and painful death. Wounded civilians were bombed even when they were being treated in makeshift hospitals. Food and medicine were denied deliberately to the sick and to the needy. Women and children had to witness horrors after horrors.

News channels in the west didn’t give much importance to this man made tsunami that was orchestrated by some world powers. Media and Sports personalities who regularly talk about poverty elimination in Asia and Africa didn’t even lift a single finger to save the innocent lives.

Corrupt leaders in the UN failed in their duties. Instead of protecting the vulnerable, they danced to the wrong tunes that were played by the wrong people

UN and other international organisations who are supposed to protect the vulnerable, acted like they were also part of a mysterious game that took the lives of thousands. Many had the powers to stop the destruction but they didn’t do it because they didn’t want to.

The way how the diplomats and the leaders of some Nations spoke and acted during the war, made many to doubt that they were all acting out a script, written by some aliens from space.

Many leaders including the UN Secretary General kept their mouths shut and spoke only a little when they had to. Vijay Nambiar, the Head of Staffs at UN and other UN representatives went to Sri Lanka few times to negotiate a ceasefire but they failed because they had their own agendas.

They had miserably failed in their roles and had provided their full support to a regime that had committed crimes against humanity.

Some Indian leaders who were orchestrating the war in Sri Lanka visited Colombo few times not to arrange a ceasefire, not to stop the war, not to talk about the civilian causalities but to monitor the progress of the war and to congratulate the Sri Lankan authorities.

They always talked about receiving the head of the rebel leader on a platter and a piece of document with the proof of his death. This was to deceive the world that they were only after the rebel leader and the war was not about military strategies in the region and India having access to the oil reserves found in the Seas of Sri Lanka.

Only person who came across as a genuine defender of human rights was Hon. David Miliband. He confronted the Sri Lankan authorities about the deaths caused by the usage of heavy and banned weapons against civilians. As usual David Miliband or anybody who talks about human rights violations in Sri Lanka are called white tigers, brown tigers or yellow tigers depending on the colour of their skin.

War on Terror is over but the Killings haven’t stopped

Sri Lankan authorities had declared that they had killed the rebel leader and decimated his group. According to them, terrorism has now been wiped out from Sri Lanka.

But the ground realities are telling us a different story. War is over but the killings haven’t stopped yet. Sri Lankan government hasn’t finished with the Tamils. Every Tamil man, woman and child is considered as a suspect. Under the emergency rules, Sri Lankan forces have the right to arrest or kill anybody they consider as a suspect. Living as a Tamil in Sri Lanka is like walking on a thin rope above a deep valley that is filled with deadly snakes.

So called war on terror and humanitarian operations are now over. But the killings are still continuing. One should now question whether the objectives of the war were genuine. No government on earth would bomb and kill fifty thousands people and make thirty thousands maimed and destroy an area twice the size of Singapore just to chop the head of just one rebel leader.

“Killings of Tamils” started after Sri Lanka gained independence in 1948 and this will continue till the government of Sri Lanka come up with a constructive plan to address the grievances of the Tamil community in this island.

How is the world responding to the massacre of Tamils?

Forty seven nations came together to vote on Sri Lanka. Majority voted in favour of Sri Lanka and they all took a stand that what had been happening in Sri Lanka was an internal issue. They voted to congratulate Sri Lankan Government on its victory over the Tamil Tigers and to ignore calls for an inquiry into possible war crimes.

United Nations Human Rights Council has now lost its credibility. This body has totally lost its purpose for which it exists.

According to the majority who voted in favour of Sri Lanka, their message was very clear. “No matter what Sri Lanka does to the Tamils, we will stand shoulder to shoulder with the Sri Lankan government because we also have skeletons in our closets. Let them bomb and kill innocent women and children. Let them starve them to death. Let them deny medicine to the wounded. Even if they kill all the Tamils and dump them in mass graves, we will still support this terror island because we have our own interests and hidden agendas in the region”

This is the state of the world now. Many of these countries no longer care about human rights but are only interested in satisfying their own greed.

I often wonder if voting is a great idea in emergency situations where the majority is not at all interested in saving lives but having their focus on destructive policies in order to look after their own interests.

If a building is on fire, it is not sensible to have voting and then decide not to go and save lives when the majority is not interested. We don’t have voting to rescue the passengers from a sinking ship. Even if we have one, the focus will not be on whether to save the people or not but on how to save the lives.

Human Rights Council should now be discussing about helping the innocent civilians who are abused in the Nazi Style concentration camps in Sri Lanka. It is a disgrace to the whole humanity that a green light has now been given to any country that wants to wipe out its minority.

Could we have avoided this bloodshed?

The answer is “Yes”, but there were many beneficiaries in this war. Therefore many had decided not to stop the war but to let it to continue till the end, despite thousands of civilian causalities. Countries like India, China and Pakistan, who have traditionally not been in good terms, surprisingly became friends. They acted like vultures that came to an agreement to share a piece of meat, which they were desperately looking for.

Everybody knew what was happening. World leaders were listening to the casualty figures as a slow cricket commentary. Some of them made statements here and there, just for the sake of making it. Nobody had the boldness to stand up and say “STOP THE KILLINGS”. They had the power but they didn’t do it.

UN was updating its score boards with the number of deaths taking place. Even when the score went up by thousands a day, they kept quite. They didn’t open their mouths and speak about it.

US satellites were taking pictures of the killings but no attempts were made to stop the bloodbath. Hearts of the nations became stones and the helpless perished so that the greedy could be satisfied.

Defenders of human rights and highly paid diplomats were hearing about the horrors in Sri Lanka while having their big breakfasts. They found these stories very boring. Experts and researchers in human rights were looking forward to publish their latest journal papers instead of doing something about saving lives.

Many western countries, although some had raised their voices, their statements were not strong enough to stop a regime that was determined to carry on with its destructive agenda.

Relatives of those who were dying in Vanni went to the streets of great cities of the world. They knelt down and cried before the kings and queens. They protested through various means. We didn’t hear their cry but we found them very annoying because they blocked our streets. They did all that was possible to get the message across. But their cries fell on our deaf ears. If we did listen and acted, we would have saved thousands of lives.

Our radio shows were not about the reasons for the protests but we talked about how to get these protesters out of our streets. We are now happy because there are no more Tamil protests and many of the people who they were trying to protect are now dead.

It is very clear that this war was conducted with the full support of many countries .They could have persuaded the Sri Lankan government to stop the bloodshedespecially after the rebels had announced their surrender.

Bloodbath could have been avoided but nobody was interested because all went according to their plans. Partners of this war had started to reap their benefits even before it had come to an end.

Who benefited from this war?

Sri Lankan government was used as a puppet in the hands of India and China for these countries to secure their interests in the region. Everybody is happy now, apart from an innocent Tamil community that is slowly being wiped out from Sri Lanka.

Sinhala extremists who have been killing Tamils for more than sixty years in this country have a lot to rejoice for.

China has been fishing in the trouble spots of this world. It has once again achieved its goal by giving deadly weapons to the one it saw as the “strong man”. China has started many construction projects in the South of Sri Lanka including a port that will mainly be used by its Navy.

India has already started to draft project plans for oil explorations in the seas of Sri Lanka and now sending its experts to start many construction projects in the North and East of the country.

Although China and Pakistan had supplied most of the deadly weapons, they were neither involved in writing the script nor executing the script for the War.

Sri Lankan President had recently acknowledged that he fought India’s war in Sri Lanka. One of the former Indian High Commissioners has confessed that India has blood on its hands but India doesn’t care about the plight of the Tamils in Sri Lanka.

War in Sri Lanka was not to do with the head of the rebel leader. Making a big deal out of the body of the rebel leader and all these victory speeches were not foolish acts but they were deliberately done by parties who want to hide all the deadly snakes under their carpets.

War Crimes in Sri Lanka

Number of war crimes that had been committed by the Sri Lankan forces is more than what Saddam Hussein did to the Kurdish people.

Surrendered rebels with white flags were executed and thousands of wounded civilians were killed without mercy. Serious war crimes have been committed and the culprits are not just Sri Lankan forces but some Indian security experts, Sri Lankan and Indian politicians and UN officers.

Banned weapons (cluster and phosphorus bombs) were used against innocent men, women and children. Red Cross workers were killed. The same hospitals were repeatedly bombed. Buildings and properties were destroyed by very powerful bombs.

Innocent civilians were forced to live inside the bunkers for months. Food and medicine were denied to them.

Sri Lanka is still hiding the evidences

Killing more than fifty thousands, wounding thirty thousands and forcing three hundred thousands in concentration camps will not convince anybody as a genuine humanitarian or rescue operation. These people never lived as hostages in the first place.

Sri Lanka knows that serious war crimes had been committed and they are now working to hide their atrocities.

Witnesses of these war crimes are mainly the people who came out of the war zone. They saw all that happened to them and to their loved ones. One of the main reasons why the Sri Lankan forces are not allowing journalists and aid workers into the IDP (Internally Displaced People) camps is because they want to hide their crimes.

Three doctors who served the wounded people in Vanni are considered as real heroes by the international community. Instead of appreciating their efforts, Sri Lankan government has locked them up in jail in order to hide the evidences of war crimes.

War came to an end two weeks ago but the journalists and aid workers are still not allowed to the war zone. When Sri Lanka declared that the war was over and all the civilians had been rescued, there were still thousands of wounded lying in the killing fields and many frightened civilians were hiding inside the bunkers.

Mass graves have become an outdated technique for the Sri Lankan forces. Sri Lankan authorities are still not allowing any journalists or aid workers to the war zone. It is taking quite a long time for the military to dispose thousands of dead bodies.

Recent announcement by the Head of Sri Lankan armed forces about how they cremated the rebel leader’s body and threw the ashes into the sea is an indication that they are using the same technique on all the dead bodies. Sri Lankan forces might probably using mobile cremation furnaces to cremate the bodies in order to wipe out evidences.

It is obviously going to take sometime for them to finish this process considering the number of people died in the conflict. When everything is over, our BBC reporters will be taken to that area and they would tell us about a beautiful blue sky and golden flat sandy beaches in Vanni.

War crime evidences have already been collected

This is one of the controversial wars in the history. Although the Sri Lankan forces had barred all the reporters and journalists into the war zone, images and videos of the dying civilians were regularly sent out to individuals and organisations all over the world.

Communication systems were functioning in Vanni till the last minute. High resolution satellite images are available to prove the use of heavy weapons against the civilians. Last moments of the war had been captured by various technical devices.

It is a complete waste of time that Sri Lankan authorities are shutting the mouths of those in the IDP camps because many civilians who were stuck in the war zone till the last day were able to cross the waters and many had already reached the foreign shores.

Millions of evidences are already available to prove that Sri Lankan forces had committed war crimes and those who are responsible for these crimes should be brought to justice.

Horror camps for the Tamil civilians

Sri Lankan forces bombed and killed more than fifty thousands. Now they have locked three hundred thousands up in Nazi style concentration camps.

Ten to fourteen deaths are taking place daily in these notorious camps mostly among the children and elderly. Detainees are not allowed to meet their relatives and are not allowed to receive foods or cloths from their loved ones.

Sky news had recently reported about rapes and torture taking place inside these camps. Young people are disappearing daily. Dead bodies are thrown outside these camps.

Wounded and the sick and not given proper medical care. Sri Lankan government is still not allowing any international aid workers to these camps. Family members are purposely kept in separate camps in order to destroy the foundations of the entire Tamil race in Sri Lanka.

Can this happen again?

This will be repeated again in Sri Lanka or in some other parts of the world unless we bring the culprits to justice and restructure UN with the powers to deal with such wars in the future

War in Sri Lanka was orchestrated by India. Deadly weapons were given by China and Pakistan. UN and many Western Nations knew what was happening but they remained silent.

Are we going to allow something similar to happen in the future? Do these innocents have to die to satisfy the greed of some countries?

UN with its corrupt staffs has failed in their duties. They deliberately remained silent and didn’t do anything constructive to stop the bloodshed although they had the ability to do so.

Sri Lankan leaders became puppets in the hands of some of these sleeping giants. Masters of this war should be brought to justice.

Role of UN in resolving any conflicts in the future is now in doubt. We desperately need an International body that can stand on its own and stop such crimes. There is no use in having an organisation that is completely powerless to stop the killings of the innocents.

Sri Lanka is now on radar

As far as Sri Lanka is concerned, Rebel leader is dead. LTTE is gone. More than fifty thousand civilians have been killed.

If everybody is happy with what they have achieved, the question is why the killings are still taking place? Tamils are still intimidated and their properties are burned throughout the country. Tamil women on the streets are harassed by Sinhala mobs.

This island might even witness another riot just like it experienced in the fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties.

Those times, they sent the Tamils to the North and East. As the whole island is now filled with uniformed Sinhala men and women with arms, Tamils will have nowhere to run for their safety.

Danger of another Tamil rebellion

The Tamil Diaspora is not an alien to Sri Lanka. More than ninety percent of the Tamils among the Diaspora had witnessed what happened to their friends and relatives in Vanni. They saw their brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers dying helplessly. They communicated with their loved ones till the last days of the war and they all knew what was happening. Many of them have their relatives locked up in these notorious IDP camps.

Prabhakarans are not born but they are made. He did all that he did after witnessing many horrors. He saw Tamils being burned alive in the south of Sri Lanka. He saw properties of the Tamils being destroyed by Sinhala mobs.

If the oppression against the Tamils continues, Sri Lanka and even India might one day regret creating more Prabhakarans out of the Tamils from the Diaspora.

Minority indigenous Tamils who live mainly in the north and east of the country are one of the most oppressed communities on this planet.

Future of Sri Lanka completely depends on the steps taken by the Sri Lankan government. Policies based on racial and religious supremacy, attempts to continue with Sinhalasisation of the country through systematic Sinhala settlements in the Northern and Eastern provinces will escalate the conflict further and hit deadly levels.

This may not just destabilise Sri Lanka but will even have global repercussions.


Sri Lankan President and his ministers have recently acknowledged that they fought India’s war in Sri Lanka with the help of the weapons from China and Pakistan. Half of their crimes have now been confessed verbally by the Sri Lankan authorities.

Sri Lankan leaders have now become puppets in the hands of two emerging superpowers that are competing with each other. A conflict that was once confined within the boundaries of Sri Lanka has now become an international issue. Sri Lankan military muscles have now been artificially strengthened by their new masters. A country that once spoke to the West with a humble voice has now started to challenge many countries.

China’s opposition in the Security Council for the Sri Lankan conflict to be discussed in the formal meetings is an obvious evidence for China’s role in Sri Lanka’s war.

India, China and Pakistan found themselves on the same side with Sri Lanka in the United Nations Human Rights council. They all voted against war crime probes over alleged war crimes committed by Sri Lankan forces. This clearly shows that they all have blood on their hands.

Defendants of human rights and the world powers who fought many wars to restore freedom for their own citizens have now seen the faces of the master magicians who orchestrated the war in Sri Lanka.

Although India gave the strategic directions and China provided with the weapons for the war, it was the Sri Lankan armed forces that carried out the massacre of Tamil civilians. A country that is well known for slowly wiping out its minorities found a perfect opportunity to cause maximum damage to the innocent Tamils with the blessing of their new masters.

Now it is time for the civilized to world to decide whether to allow the Sri Lankan government and its friends who had caused so many thousands of deaths, to run these controversial Nazi style concentration camps.

We have all failed to save many lives in this war but it is still not too late to save the innocents that are still being abused, raped, tortured and killed in the barbed wired concentration camps.

Richard Dixon

The Time of Judgement has arrived to the Land of Terror

by Richard Dixon

International legal systems have so far failed to bring the Sri Lankan War Criminals to justice. It is time for the average Joe, an ethical shopper to say No to “Holiday Packages to Sri Lanka”, No to “Sri Lankan Airlines”, No to “Sri Lankan Cricket”, Noto “Ceylon Tea”, No to “Garments or any other products made in Sri Lanka” and Noto any “Organisations having commercial interests in Sri Lanka” until Sri Lanka stop the killings of the innocents with it’s death squads, until the last person is set free from the death camps of Sri Lanka, until the people of Sri Lanka start to live without the fear of abductions, torture, rape and murder by the Sri Lankan State and its armed forces, Until Sri Lanka starts to treat all its citizens equally with dignity and give them the rights they deserve”

Money goes into the hands of Sri Lanka are now used to destroy individuals, families and communities therefore, it is rational, ethical, sensible and right to stop supporting a country that is determined continue with its genocide agenda, despite calls from the international community”

Death and destruction in a Terror Island

Fifty thousand innocent men, women and children were brutally murdered on the sandy beaches and in the jungles of Sri Lanka, by the Sri Lankan Military while the whole world stood back and watched.

Three hundred thousands are now locked up in the death camps of Sri Lanka. Men are tortured, Women are abused and raped, Children are psychologically tormented, foreign media is banned, aid workers are blocked and the Tamils are now let to die like flies without proper food, medicine and water. Dead bodies are thrown outside the tents and let to rot while the young and old stand in the hot sun for hours to beg for food.

They are let to languish behind barbed wires

Times UK has recently reported that fourteen hundreds are dying every week in the horror camps manly due to waterborne diseases and many preventable illnesses. The rate at which people are dying now, the whole camp will be empty just in three years time. Many who are prisoned in these camps have relatives and friends living in other parts of the country and overseas, who are willing to help.

Sri Lankan government is so adamant that it is not helping the dying Tamils and also not letting others to help.

Purpose of these Nazi style camps is to cause death and maximum destruction to an oppressed and vulnerable Tamil community that is now pleading to the Nations for help. Few camps are purposefully built for propaganda purposes in order to deceive the international community.

Horrors in Sri Lanka are sending shock waves across the World

Torture, murder, rape, forced starvation, and all kind of human rights violations in the concentration camps of Sri Lanka, are now sending shock waves across the world.

Deportations of Western reporters, Journalists and Politicians from the Sri Lankan Airport and denial of access to the death camps of Sri Lanka for aid workers are showing the face of rebellious country that is willing go to any extent to defy international humanitarian laws.

Western countries have recently been pressurising Sri Lanka to stop the abuses and State sponsored killings. US, Britain and France including many other European countries are taking all the necessary measures to send strong messages to Sri Lanka.

US $1.9 Billion IMF loan to this country is now delayed. Sri Lanka had been denied a seat on UN Human Rights Council. US are delaying aid to the displaced people till the Sri Lankan government give free access to the camps.

There are also talks about suspending Sri Lanka from the commonwealth

Can an average Joe make a difference?

I have written few articles on the subject of Sri Lankan civil war. One of the popular questions, I received from the readers was “What can the average Joe do other than writing a letter to the local MP?”

While our international legal systems are still failing to bring the culprits to justice, Average Joe might probably be in a better position to send a powerful message to countries like Sri Lanka. Joe should see and understand the bigger picture of what is happening in Sri Lanka before start doing anything about the injustice done against the innocents.

Joe living in the West is a consumer just like many other millions around the world. Any marketing professional would know about the Power of a Consumer. Joe is an ethical shopper, who has the freedom to choose where to go on a holiday, which airline to fly with, where to buy his cloths and who to bank withJoe can meet up with many like minded people and persuade his government to stop playing sports with countries that are persecuting its people. Joe is now on the net. He has access to email, facebook, twitter and many other social networking sites. He can share his views with millions around the world.

Even a great nation like China needs to sell its products in the world market in order to feed its people. Sri Lanka that is acting arrogantly with many countries should know, that it can’t keep on killing the innocents and expect the people to buy their products and services that are covered in blood.

Joe along with millions around the world should be able to convince the People of Sri Lanka that they are not safe in the hands of corrupt regimes that are even prepared to sell the soul of a nation to satisfy the cravings of the Sinhala Buddhist extremists whose only goal is to wipe out Tamils.

Sri Lanka for Dummies” is a simple Introduction to Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan war for the average Joe to get an understanding of the man made humanitarian crisis in this little island.

Sri Lanka for Dummies

1) Sri Lanka in a Nutshell

2) Tamil Rebellion against State Terrorism in Sri Lanka

3) War in Vanni, that had revealed the face of the devil

Sri Lanka in a Nutshell

Sri Lanka is a tiny tropical island that was known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean and paradise on earth. This country was once very popular among the tourists but not any more.

Rulers of this country have made this place as one of the most dangerous places to visit and live on this planet. The US has recently given serious warnings to its citizens about the dangers of travelling to Sri Lanka. Westerners are no longer welcome there. Journalists and high profile diplomats are regularly deported back from the Colombo international Airport. The recent victims were Channel 4 TV journalists and Bob Rae who was once the Premier of Ontario Canada. Western embassies are frequently attacked by angry local mobs. British and Canadian High commissions became the latest targets.

Sri Lanka is a graveyard for journalists. Sri Lankan Government is using underground mafia and death squads to abduct, torture and kill journalists, aid workers and any individuals who are critical of the government. Doctors and journalists are locked up in prisons but the evil ones are rewarded and let to roam around the streets with knives and guns.

Journalist Tissainayagam in chains. Telling the truth is a crime in Sri Lanka

Tamils are the prime targets but even foreigners, Sinhalese and Muslims are not the exceptions. This country is now at the bottom of the list in terms of human rights.

Sri Lanka has murdered fourteen journalists in the last few years. More than twenty journalists have been forced out of the country. Many are locked up in jails. Newspapers are burned, TV stations are attacked, and News web sites are blocked. Even BBC and CNN had received warnings in the past from the controversial defence secretary of the country. Sri Lanka only allows reporters who write well about the government.

Senior editor and Journalist Lasantha Wickramatunga was brutally murdered by the government backed mafia

Five medical doctors, who are praised as real heroes by the international community for their tireless work during the Sri Lankan war, are now locked up in Sri Lankan jails for speaking the truth from the war zone. Sri Lankan rulers have recently paraded these doctors in front of television cameras and forced them make false statements to support the government. This is another foolish attempt by a murderous regime to hide the war crimes it had committed .We all know how Al Qaeda had paraded western hostages on TV in the past and forced them to say things that were not true.

In Sri Lanka, People disappear from their homes, schools, work places and hospitals like flies. It is not the fulfilment of rapture that is taking place according to the book of Revelation in the Bible. But the Sri Lankan regime has mastered the art of using white vans to abduct and kill anyone who is dare to question the conducts of the government.

Half burned dead bodies with hands tied at the back is a typical scene, one would be able to see quite often in Sri Lanka. Killer demons regularly come on mysterious white vans without number plates on them.

A typical Sri Lankan leader would talk like he has the whole world under his feet and he doesn’t care about outside opinions. Many of us remember the controversial Sri Lankan defence secretary of Sri Lanka who appeared on many TV channels across the globe and thundered that he had the right to bomb hospitals and schools. He had indeed ordered to bomb several hospitals in the recent war in Sri Lanka. This short tempered leader and the current military commander of Sri Lanka are directly responsible for thousands of killings in Sri Lanka.

Some of the ministers from the Jumbo cabinet of Sri Lanka have degrees from western universities. They wear crisp clean suits and speak in Queens English. But what comes out of their mouth don’t reflect the real situation in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan rulers no longer tell the truth. According to them, the Sun raises in the West and the rooster crows only in the evenings. While murdering civilians with heavy weapons including tanks and missiles with unconventional war heads, Sri Lanka was lying to the world that they were only using light weapons.

Sri Lanka is the most militarised among the South Asian countrieswith 13000 military personnel per one million population. Every street corner of Sri Lanka is guarded by armed soldiers. Sri Lanka has 266Kactive armed personal (Total Troops 374K) which is much higher than many developed countries. [Australia (54k), Canada (65K), South Africa (56K), Norway (28K), United Kingdom (188K), Germany (248K), France (260K), Italy (230K)]

Sri Lanka has no foreign enemies. Multi barrel Rockets were used to kill thousands of Tamils in the recent war

In terms of military expenditure as percentage of GDP, Sri Lanka spends the most in South Asia. The figure is 6% in Sri Lanka which is much higher than the amount spent by its neighbours. (3.5% in Pakistan;2.5% in India and Nepal; and 1.5% in Bangladesh)

Sri Lanka is now planning to recruit fifty thousands more for its armed forces.

Sri Lanka has now become like another Myanmar in the region. Close associations with nuclear armed China and Pakistan and friendships with Iran, Libya, and Myanmar are already giving the danger signs. Iran has indicated that it is willing to share nuclear technologies with Sri Lanka for peaceful purposes. Those who follow the current trend in the world, very well know what these peaceful purposes are.

Sri Lanka is trying to get hold of nuclear technology (to supplement its power needs). Having been turned away by India, Sri Lanka is turning to States like Iran to fulfil its nuclear ambitions. This is why Sri Lanka always backs Iran’s nuclear program

It may not be well known that Sri Lanka was instrumental in Iran acquiring nuclear technology. Some Sri Lankan businessmen and engineers are among those whose names appear in a United States blacklist over the alleged involvement in the world’s worst illicit nuclear proliferation racket, the British media reported recently.

Although, Sri Lanka is a democratic country, the majority Sinhala people support Nazi Style right wing parties. Racist politicians and military leaders are looked upon as heroes and saviours of the country. Tamils who once had their own nation are now considered as aliens and invaders even though the majority of the Tamils are the original inhabitants of this land. Politics is driven by the powers of ignorance, greed, lies and deceptions.

Today, three hundred thousands of Tamils in Sri Lanka are locked up in concentration camps and the rest live in homes that are heavily guarded by the Sri Lankan military. People who once lived dignified and prosperous lives are now treated like stray dogs. Tamil women are raped by the Sri Lankan army and young Tamil men are tortured and killed.

Tamil Rebellion against State Terrorism in Sri Lanka

Tamils, who are one of the most oppressed communities in the world, have been fighting to free themselves from the evil regimes of the country. But they have so far failed to achieve their goals. Tamils initially fought through democratic means. Democracy no longer works in favour of Tamils because the majority prefers the Tamils to be wiped out from the country.

Tamils were slaughtered in thousands with swords and knives in the buses, trains and in their own homes in the fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties. Frustrated Tamil youth took arms to fight against fascism. Armed rebellion has now been crushed with the help of China and India.

Tamil rebels were initially functioning like how IRA did things in the eighties but from the early 2000s they did manage to build a well disciplined conventional force with their own Air force and Navy. According to the former Chief Justice of Sri Lanka, who retired only few weeks ago, Tamil rebels were better in honouring the laws of the land than the government of Sri Lanka. For instance, Seven Sri Lankan soldiers who were prisoners of war in the rebel camps were set free by the rebels without any scratches, even at a time when Sri Lankan forces were murdering Tamil women and babies in cold blood.

Tamil Rebels and the Sri Lankan government signed a ceasefire in 2002, after the Sri Lankan forces had suffered a heavy defeat in a conventional war between both parties. Negotiations were taking place between the Tamils and the Sri Lankan government for five years, with the help of the mediators from EU, Norway, Japan and US.

Sri Lankan government suddenly withdrew from the ceasefire unilaterally in 2007, and launched a war against the rebels with help of India and the weapons it got from China and Pakistan. War broke out at a time when there were signs of peace becoming materialised in Sri Lanka according to the former Norwegian mediator Eric Solheim, who is now the Minister of Environment.

Sri Lankan army did manage to slaughter more than fifty thousand Tamil civilians including women and children within few months time. Banned weapons like cluster bombs and phosphorous bombs were used against the innocents.

War in Vanni, that had revealed the face of the devil

Vanni is a Tamil land in the north eastern region of Sri Lanka that was once flowing with milk and honey. People prospered in every thing. Many of them did farming and deep sea fishing. They were not poor. Their barns were filled with grains throughout the year. These people ate a very healthy diet and lived in homes that were located in unpolluted areas. In our terms, people of Vanni ate organic grains, vegetables, fruits, meat and fish all their lives.

Few months ago, all of a sudden, Skis of Vanni became darkened. Children stopped playing. Dancing was turned into mourning. Chinese F7s, Russian MIGs f lied over Vanni and bombed homes, hospitals, schools and farms. Cluster bombs, phosphorous bombs and other banned weapons were used against innocent civilians.

They were slaughtered in their own homes

Men, women and children were hiding inside the bunkers without adequate food and medicine for months. More than fifty thousands innocents were slaughtered. Thirty thousands were injured. Thousands of children became orphans. Wounded and maimed crawled on mud and dirt to search for water and food.

Children were hiding inside the bunkers for weeks and months

Thousands of surrendered and wounded rebels were brutally murdered. Military tanks rolled over the dying and the golden beaches of Sri Lanka were turned into red carpets with the blood of the innocents.

There were no more mourners left in the land of Vanni to mourn for the dead. Lands of the living didn’t send any comforters to the land of the dead. Hearts of the world became stones and the so called leaders of the world had once again revealed their ugly faces.

Nobody came to mourn for the dead

Number of people massacred on the beaches of Sri Lanka is almost ten times of the people died in the Tiananmen Square massacre in China.

If the war was conducted fairly according to the international laws, the outcome of the war would have been much different. Sri Lankan army defeated the rebels by using unconventional banned weapons that had caused thousands of civilian causalities and deaths.

Chemical weapons were used against the Civilians and Rebels

After killing so many thousands, the Sri Lankan government has sent the remaining to Nazi style concentration camps. Now they are dying in the death camps of Sri Lanka with lack of food and medicine. Tamil women are abused and raped by Sri Lankan military in these horror camps. Men are tortured and killed.

Although China, India and Pakistan are helping the Sri Lankan rulers, Genocide is being carried out with the complete freewill of this Nation. Sri Lankan leaders have made this beautiful country into a half naked prostitute in the India Ocean. Ministers of this country regularly fly to China and India to meet the political and military leaders of those nations. Sri Lanka has become a puppet of these superpowers with its own sweet will.

Sri Lanka is facing destruction by its own masters

People of this world are becoming more and more tolerant. Many colours and races are learning to live together in Europe and America. American people have even elected a Black president with a Muslim middle name to give a powerful message to the world.

Nations that have systems based on racial and religious supremacies should know that they are heading for isolation and destruction if they continue with their racist policies.

Here we see a country that has gone out of control and acting weirdly in the Indian Ocean. Beaches of Sri Lanka are stained with the blood of thousands men, women and children who were slaughtered by the cruel rulers of this country. There is no more media freedom. Local and foreign journalists are intimidated, prisoned and killed. Arrogant leaders of this country are confronting individuals, organisations and even nations that are opposing the killings.

Average Joe has the tools to send a message to Sri Lanka who are deliberately failing from the duties to protect its people.

Joe is conscious of the environment. He makes sure that papers, cloths and empty bottles end up in recycling bins. He is very concerned about the people living in the poorest countries on this earth. He buys fair trade tea and coffee that are produced in countries that need our help.

Joe takes his family for holidays at least once a year. As a matter of conscience, Joe will not be holidaying on the blood stained beaches of Sri Lanka where thousands of innocent men, women and children were brutally murdered by Bombs and shells. Joe will not be buying garments that are made in Sri Lanka, a country that has locked up three hundred thousands Tamils including babies, pregnant women and disabled in barbed wired concentration camps

People of Vanni, who once lived prosperously, are now left to wander like vagabonds with skin and bones in the death camps of Sri Lanka. Family ties are broken, their dignity is destroyed, and thousands of children are psychologically tormented. Many thousands have already become mental.

Money goes into the hands of Sri Lanka is used to wound and kill innocent Civilians. It is time to say “No”

Fourteen hundreds dying in the death camps of Sri Lanka in a week is a clear proof that Sri Lanka is still mass murdering Tamils. These people are not terrorists but men, women and children who also have dreams and have every right on this earth to live with dignity. They were not born to die of starvation, torture and deliberate medical negligence in the hands foolish and arrogant rulers.

Sri Lanka should know that they can’t do business with the world while slaughtering the civilians. No country prospers with the blood of the innocents. Agents of the Sri Lanlan regime who live overseas are still justifying the killings of Tamils. They should learn to show respect the follow humans because they themselves enjoy equal rights in foreign countries.

People of this world, no matter what their religion, race, colour and culture are, they all have the freedom to live without the fear of intimidation, torture rape and murder.

Time has for the international community say No to “Sri Lankan package Holidays”, No to “Sri Lankan Airlines”, No to “Sri Lankan Cricket”, No to “Ceylon Tea”, No to “Garment made in Sri Lanka” and No to “Any organisation that has commercial interests in Sri Lanka” until the killings stop and Sri Lanka come with clean hands.

We give money for Cancer Research, Save the Children, Christian Aid, Tear Fund and many other leading charities because we very well know that our money is used to protect, build and heal lives

What goes in the hands of Sri Lanka is not used to build lives but to destroy lives therefore, it is rational, ethical and sensible to stop supporting a country that is continuing with its genocide agenda with arrogance.

Sri Lanka is already facing isolation and there will be serious consequences if the leaders of this country continue to orchestrate abductions, torture, rape and killings in order to suppress the voice of the oppressed.

Destroying individuals, families and communities will eventually lead to the destruction of the whole Nation of Sri Lanka by its own masters.

Richard Dixon

Can the new King of Sri Lanka bring deliverance to the Tamils?

From North to the South, West to the East, the skies of Sri Lanka are now filled with the empty and virtual deceptive promises of two desperate presidential candidates. While the Sri Lankan politicians are beating their drums, While the so called war heroes of the nation are busy launching mudslinging campaigns against each other, while the strategic think tanks with geopolitical interests are making last minute manoeuvres to influence the outcome of the election, while the local business leaders, industrialists and bankers are speculating the election results, Sri Lankan Tamils are still on their knees praying what they have always prayed “Deliver is from the evil one”

Their voices are suppressed. They have lost their strength to fight back the oppression. But their heart cries are obvious. “Free thousands of our loved ones who are going through hunger and torture in the notorious Sri Lankan prisons,”, “Give us back our homes and lands”, “Give us the freedom to work in our own farms and fish in our own waters”, “Stop abducting our sons and daughters” “stop abusing, torturing, raping and murdering our children”, “Stop destroying our culture”, “Give us back the freedom that we were all born with as humans on this planet”

Can the new King of Sri Lanka bring deliverance to the Tamils? If we look at the history of Sri Lanka particularly in the last sixty five years, the answer to this question will be quite obvious.

Sri Lankan Tragedy

Those who argue that Sri Lanka has finally brought an end to the Asia’s  longest running conflict, are not only ignorant but making a blunder by indirectly supporting the dangerous regimes in Sri Lanka that are determined to wipe out a race from the face of this earth. Torture, murder and rape against the minority Tamils, abductions, summary executions, forced colonizations of Tamil lands, extension of military bases in Tamil areas even in the absence of war and various human rights abuses, have made this country as an island of hell.

Sri Lankan rulers use a simple binary logic that their categorise anyone who oppose their extremist policies and human rights violations as terrorists. They are able to see only two types of humans on this planet. Those who are with them or those who are against them. Since they identify the ones who disagree with them as terrorists, Sri Lanka has in many instances blamed Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Red Cross and many other humanitarian organisations as terrorist sympathisers. David Miliband, Hillary Clinton and many other western leaders were blamed as terror supporters. This is exactly like how the Al Qaeda blames the western countries as terror states and their leaders as terrorists.

Sri Lanka uses the same logic for the innocent Tamils who are fleeing for their lives in boats and ships to foreign shores. They blame the fleeing children and pregnant women as terrorists. Only crime they had committed was that they cried when their fathers and brothers were brutally murdered and they objected when their mothers and sisters were raped.

What make things worse in Sri Lanka are not just the atrocities carried out by the fascist forces but the compromise made by some international elements, who have decided to support the criminals but turned a blind eye to the victims.They danced when the war criminals sang, and hid their faces in the sand when thousands of innocents were murdered in cold bloodUN, who is supposed to be a guardian for the oppressed and vulnerable in the world, had in fact assisted Sri Lanka in mass murdering innocent Tamils, simply by ignoring the cries of the dying at the crucial hours.

Sri Lankan Tragedy is also about an unfair world that is letting the murderers and rapists to walk on red carpets but ignoring the plight of the innocents that are languishing in torture camps and prisons.

Sri Lankan conflict is sometime quite a complex one to understand not because the conflict itself is complex but, corrupt politicians, career minded journalists, biased terror experts, countries with geopolitical interests and those who are short sighted have twisted the stories that many in the world don’t exactly know what has been going on in Sri Lanka.

Those who are responsible for the misery in Sri Lanka for years have been successful in hiding the root cause of the problem in order to continue with their own agendas.

While many are doing this deliberately, there are also people including some Tamils tend to misinterpret the crisis in Sri Lanka, by looking and analyzing isolated incidents or judging various parties to the conflict based on their personal experiences.

Shocking Video from UK Channel 4 Television

Blind folded, hands tied behind their backs, naked, on their knees, not knowing what was happening around but hearing just the sounds of Sinhala soldiers mocking and laughing, occasional gun shots. What could have gone through the minds of these young Tamil men in their final hours? They were executed in a most cruel manner just for a simple reason that they were Tamils.

Their mothers bore them in pain, gave birth to them in pain, fed them from their breasts and toiled for years to bring them up. Their children found safety and protection in their arms. These were ordinary men who had dreams about their future. Just like any of us, they also wanted to see their children growing up. They trusted the world around them to come for their rescue even at their last minutes. But their lives were cut short. They were looked down by their enemies as rotten pieces of meat that don’t even need proper burial.

Channel 4 UK : Tamils being executed by Sri Lankan Soldiers. Thousands were slaughtered like this in the land of Terror

This is not a bedtime horror story. This is not about something that happened thousands of years ago when giants and barbarians roamed the earth. This is not a Hollywood movie about man eating cannibals. What Channel 4 had shown in UK is a real story of a people group called Tamils in the horror island of Sri Lanka.

Many were shocked and felt so sick in and out after seeing the video clips of Tamils being executed as innocent lambs in broad day light. Strangely many Tamils living in the West haven’t found it as shocking because they have witnessed hundreds and hundreds of such incidents in their own villages and townsTheir eyes had seen their loved ones being butchered with knives, swords, guns and bombs.They saw their houses being burned down and farms being destroyed.

They saw their sisters and mothers being abused and raped. Their fathers were shot and killed in front of weeping children and mothers. Their loved ones and friends were killed in prisons, schools, hospitals and in their own homes. Tamils in Sri Lanka no longer have a voice and they no longer have the right to turn left or right. They see their enemies marching from the North, South, East and the West. A community that once fought for equal rights is now fighting for its bare survival.

Interestingly, Sri Lankan war criminals who have been committing such deadly crimes are not all happy about the world watching what they do to the vulnerable. They have no way to defend their atrocities so they just deny the video as fake. UN investigators have confirmed that the video was authentic.

What was shown on channel 4 is just a drop in the ocean. Many eyes in Sri Lanka have witnessed crimes that were much crueller than this. Thousands of digital pictures and video clips, many satellite images and other concrete evidences are available to prove without a shadow of doubt that Sri Lankan regime is still committing countless crimes against the Tamil community in Sri Lanka with the excuse of fighting terror.

What was shown on the British TV is what happened to many innocent civilians who were trying to escape the war zone and decided to get into the government controlled territory. The whole world had witnessed how the Sri Lankan regime was pretending like saviours of Tamils but engaged in killing innocent Tamils in thousands. This video clip is an answer to many who questioned why Tamils were not willing to go into the government controlled area during the War in Vanni. Tamils see the Sri Lankan soldiers as killer demons and not as liberators.

Story of Sri Lanka in the last sixty five years is simply the repetitions of hundreds and thousands of similar horrific events at different scales. 99% of the perpetrators were either Sri Lankan military or extremist Sinhala mobs and 99% of the victims were innocent Tamils.
Armageddon in Tamil land, War on the Innocents

Although Sri Lanka claimed that it was fighting a war with the Tamil rebels, guns and bombs were in fact turned against innocent Tamil civilians. Sri Lankan forces killed more than fifty thousands just within few months.

More than four hundred thousands innocent Tamil civilians including pregnant mothers, babies, young, old and sick were chased out of their own homes, bombed, shelled, starved and let to run for their lives for months. Fighter air crafts over the skies of Vanni dropped bombs on hospitals, schools and all other public places to target the civilians. Food and medicine were denied to the hungry and sick. Many were bleeding on the streets and inside bunkers and experienced painful slow death. Flesh of Tamils became food for stray dogs and wild beasts.

Fellowship of the dead, This was not an earth quake. Thousands of innocent Tamils were killed by Sri Lankan military

Despite international pressure, Sri Lankan government continued with the war. China and Pakistan were supplying unlimited weapons and ammunitions to the Sri Lankan military.

It is difficult to finds words to describe the horror that happened in the last few days of the war. Thousands were forced into a tiny strip of land. Men, women and children were hiding inside the bunkers without food and water. Sri Lankan military was firing from Tanks and multi barrel rocket launchers, in all the directions. Phosphorous and cluster bombs were dropped from the skies.

As the cries of dying women and children were shaking the earth, Sri Lankan military used maximum fire power to kill several thousands Tamils every single dayWhile the wounded were crying for water to wet their tongues, military tanks rolled over them. Wounded and the sick who were hiding in the bunkers were buried alive. Those who surrendered with white flags were executed in cold bloodPetrol and chemicals were poured over the tents and dead bodies.

 Left alone. Many children have lost their parents.

Thick dark smoke rose to the skies. The whole world stood back and watched as the demons from hell descended over Vanni and danced in the lake of blood.

Reporters and journalists are still not allowed to the area where the Armageddon took place even after several months. Sri Lankan rulers are not prepared to show to the world what they did to the innocents with their ugly heads and cruel hands.
Battle is over but the oppression continues

Sri Lankan government claims that it has brought an end to the conflict. But the Tamils in Sri Lanka haven’t yet found the freedom that they have been longing for years. They are still like Jews that were in the hands of Hitler and Bosnian Muslims who were persecuted by Serbian extremists.

Generations come and generations go. Life becomes better and better for many people in the world. But the Tamils, whose standard of living was better than Singaporeans and South Koreans forty years ago, are now living below the poverty line. They now wander like vagabonds as many have lost their homes.

Sri Lanka is still recruiting more people for the military and extending military bases in the North and East of the country. Tamil children are surrounded by uniformed soldiers with guns and bombs twenty four hours a day. Tamil women are daily harassed, intimidated and abused by the Sinhala soldiers.

More than eleven thousands youth that were arrested by the Sri Lankan authorities have still not been released. Even the Red Cross are not allowed to see the detainees. Many families still haven’t found out where their sons and daughters are. Thousands of families have lost their entire livelihood but they are not provided with any help to re-establish their lives.

Abductions and killings of Tamils are still continuing. Few months ago, a Tamil youth was beaten to death by Sinhala police officers in the city of Colombo. This happened in broad day light, in front of spectators and television cameras.

Tamil youth was beaten to death by Sinhala police in broad day light in front of TV cameras

Farm lands belonging to the Tamils are forcefully taken by the government and given to Sinhala settlers

Many Tamils are risking their lives by fleeing the country on damaged boats and ships. Sri Lankan rulers are not only persecuting the Tamils in Sri Lanka but also making the lives miserable for those who are fleeing to other countries.

Tamil men, women and children fleeing in ships with fear of persecution

Agents of Sri Lanka, some of them who work as pseudo terror experts and journalists in other countries are demonising the Tamils who are struggling for their survival even in the seas. These fake experts continue to deceive the international community by identifying every Tamil child, mother and father as terrorists.

Some Sri Lankan senior cabinet ministers are seeking access to the fleeing refugees so that they can torment the victims even outside Sri Lanka. No laws in the world would allow the persecutors to meet the their fleeing victims in foreign soil or in international waters unless these foreign countries are also having worst human rights records as Sri Lanka who have no respect for the law.

Who are the real Terrorists in Sri Lanka?

The words “Terrorism” and “Terrorists” are mostly misunderstood words in the world today. Regimes in Iran and North Korea call the Western countries as terror states. Majority of us will not agree with Iran or North Korea. Developments of destructive weapons in these two countries are not just posing danger to the neighbouring nations but to the entire world.

Sri Lanka has been playing the same game for many years but it has taken quite a while for many of us to understand the reality. Sri Lankan rulers have been successful in hiding their crimes against the Tamil minorities and exaggerating the Tamil resistance. Sri Lanka spends millions of dollars in propaganda to justify, hide and deny the atrocities against the Tamil minorities

Now Sri Lanka has started to blame international aid organisations, international rights organisations, and western democracies as terror entities.One should question if many of us have been right in taking the same view of Sri Lanka by blaming the Tamil resistance against the Sinhala Chauvinism as Terrorism.

If we consider terrorism as a destructive act against innocent people and their properties, a simple statistics about Sri Lanka would show us who the real terrorists are and why we should believe in the fact that terrorism is still destroying the lives of people in Sri Lanka and the culprits are Sri Lankan rulers who continue to harbour racist and extremist views.

Even a primary school child with simple mathematical skills would not just be able to understand the deadly conflict in Sri Lanka but also would be able to identify who the real victims are and who the culprits are, just by looking at these simple and obvious facts.

In the last sixty years more than three hundred thousands Tamils died in Sri Lanka. They were killed by bombs, guns, swords and knives. Many Tamils went through physical abuse, torture, isolation and rape in the hands of the Sinhala soldiers before their death. Thousands of Tamil women were raped. More than fifty thousands were maimed. Many thousands have become orphans and windows. More than a million had to flee the country in order to save the lives.

Majority of the homes, schools, public libraries, churches, temples and hospitals in the North and East of the country have all been destroyed by the bombs and shells fired by the Sri Lankan military. Most of the lands where Tamils lived are now looking like giant grave yards.

Sri Lankan military has caused a great environmental disaster in Tamil lands by uprooting millions of trees and destroying the wild life.

In the middle of the last century, More than 30% percentage of the population in Sri Lanka was Tamil speaking (Indigenous Tamils, Upcountry Tamils and Muslims). This has now been reduced to 20%.

More than 20% of the land that was originally belonged to the Tamils were forcefully be taken away and given to the Sinhalese. Hundreds of Tamil villages and roads were turned into Sinhala villages and their names have been changed to Sinhala.

30% of the Tamil land is currently occupied by Sri Lankan Sinhala soldiers.

Tamils were once the majority in two eastern districts but they have already become minority as the successive Sri Lankan governments have been changing the demographics in Tamil districts by implementing Sinhala settlements.

These are just facts that speak for themselves. Racist Sri Lankan regimes have persecuted the Tamils for a long time and they have also been very successful in ethic cleansing in the last sixty years.

Root cause of the Conflict, Mother of All the Evils

It is a sad reality that many international think tanks haven’t either still identified the root cause of the Sri Lankan conflict or they are deliberately ignoring it in order to fulfil their own hidden agendas.

Sinhala Chauvinism is the mother of all the evils that is destroying this beautiful country. It is built on ignorance, arrogance, jealousy, insecurity, anger, lies and deceptions. This is a dangerous disease that has blinded the hearts and minds of the extremists. Sinhala Chauvinism or Sinhala Buddhist extremism can be compared to Nazism.

Sinhala Chauvinism is nothing to do with the ordinary Sinhala people. This is not even to do with the Sri Lankan military although they have incidentally become the tools and weapons of the extremist, racist and corrupt religious and political leaders.

Many Sinhala people are peace loving and in fact there are many Sinhala intellectuals, journalists, human rights activists and people from all walks of life, are fighting for the oppressed Tamil people and some have even laid down their lives for their fellow humans.

Buddhism in Sri Lanka has been hijacked by the extremists and what we see today in Sri Lanka is a perverted version of Buddhism. Perverted religions are most dangerous ingredients for deadly conflicts all around the world.

Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism talk about peace and harmony among the inhabitants of this earth. They preach about tolerance, peace and respect for others. Unfortunately, we have seen so many religious wars in the world and the root cause of them were not the religions in pure forms but their perverted versions.

Rise of Al Qaeda in the west, Violence by extreme Hindus in India, War between Catholics and Protestants, Sinhala Buddhists extremists destroying churches in Sri Lanka are all showing the dangerous signs of religious perversion and religious extremism.

As opposed to many people think, Sri Lanka hasn’t got a genuine democracy. Sri Lanka is in reality, indirectly ruled by a violent religious Buddhist cult that preaches and practices hatred against the Tamils. Ordinary Sinhala Buddhist people are brainwashed by Buddhist clergies. Political parties that support such extreme racist policies are selected by the majority Sinhala people as the rulers. Rulers of Sri Lanka come up with discriminative policies to stay in power and to satisfy the hunger of those who want to see the land free of Tamils.

Sinhalese and Tamils in Sri Lanka have both been living there for more than two thousands years. The sad reality is that the Sinhala Buddhists want to make Sri Lanka as a Sinhala Buddhist country which means they want the Tamils out or continue to treat Tamils as second class citizens.

Psychology behind Racism

Racists are the most foolish people on this earth because they either perceive that they are superior to others or they imagine that their survival, quality of life and social status are threatened by another race. They wouldn’t be able to digest, when someone with another colour, religion or race prosper in front of their eyes.

Ignorance, insecurity, jealousy, pride, selfishness, greed and all the evils come together and make people to hate those who are not like them. Mugabe chasing out White farmers in Zimbabwe, Extremist Serbians killing the Bosnian Muslims, Hitler massacring the Jews and Sinhalese killing the Tamils are all telling us the same story.

Current unrest in Sri Lanka can be traced back to the middle of the last century when Tamils were comparatively doing well in education and business. Sinhala extremists in Sri Lanka couldn’t digest the fact that Tamils still being a minority, dominating education and business. Since 1950, almost every ten years, Tamils were killed in thousands and their properties were burned to ashes. These attacks were always masterminded by the Sinhala rulers who were in power.

In the last thirty years, with the excuse of War on Terror, Sri Lanka has managed to destroy most of the homes, Schools, libraries, hospitals, factories and farms in the Tamil areas. Sri Lankan Tamils who were once, one of the most literate and prosperous people groups in the South East Asia is now fighting for their bare survival.

How is the world responding?

As usual, the geopolitical interest of other countries in Sri Lanka is one of the main reasons why this conflict has been dragging on for years. Corrupt Sri Lankan leaders easily become puppets of the foreign governments. Sri Lanka is located on strategically important sea route that is vital for the security of many countries.

It has now gone beyond an acceptable level that human rights abuses are sending shock waves across the world. Even the ones that were once supporting this country are now at least pretending to be neutral to save their own skins.

Sri Lanka is ranked as South Asias No.1 human rights violator. Sri Lanka scored the highest negative points for the right to life, the rights of the child, attacks on human rights defenders and violations of the rights of the minorities. On press freedom, Sri Lanka was ranked second worse only after Bhutan — which has no independent press. Sri Lanka was ranked number 97 in an index compiled by Transparency International, an anti corruption watchdog, in 2009.

Dublin war-crimes tribunal, conducted by Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal (PPT) based in Milan, which held hearings on 14th and 15th of January 2010 has found that Sri Lanka Government is “guilty of War-Crimes” and “guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.” Eye witnesses included several escapees from the final week of Sri Lanka offensive in the Mullaitivu “No Fire Zone” where more than thousands of innocent Tamil civilians were allegedly slaughtered by Sri Lanka Army with heavy weapons.

The U.S. Department of State‘s Office of War Crimes has recently released its investigation into the final stage of the conflict in Sri Lanka.

It was based on a wide range of sources, including Amnesty International’s own reporting, and uses both traditional and innovative evidence such as satellite imagery and aerial photographs. This report provides a disturbing overview of what happened in the so-called “No-Fire Zone”.

The European Commission has decided to suspend Sri Lanka’s preferential trade status following a probe criticising the island’s human rights record. The suspension follows a year-long European Commission probe that concluded that the Sri Lankan government was in breach of commitments on human rights and good governance that come with the preferential trade status.

Commonwealth has decided not to host the next summit in Sri Lanka. If the situation doesn’t improve, suspension of this country from Commonwealth is another possibility.

International community should continue to take tough measures like economic embargoes and war crime inquiries to make sure that this country won’t slip further into darkness and the culprits are brought to justice. These steps are necessary to convince the people of Sri Lanka that they will be isolated from the world if they continue elect leaders who chose the path of extremism and violence instead of path of peace.

How does Sri Lanka defend its atrocities?

Non-compliance, denials, refusals, justifications, blackmailing and other techniques are used by countries like Sri Lanka to escape justice.

Sri Lanka is simply a rock state that no longer has any respect for human rights. Leaders of this country are only interested in fulfilling their racist agendas and to satisfy their own greed.

Sri Lankan government regularly appoint individuals with doctorates and other higher degrees as cabinet ministers and propaganda activists to lobby in the UN and in foreign countries. Many of them speak in fluent English and having citizenships in other western countries and their main role is to justify the atrocities that are committed by the Sri Lankan government. These individuals are experts in blaming the victims and protecting the criminals.

Sri Lankan government also has their own pseudo terror experts working in foreign soils and their main role is to defend the Sri Lankan government and to identify anyone that opposes the Sri Lankan government as terrorist. Sri Lanka spends millions on propaganda and to pay for consultants and propaganda firms that are working round the clock to hide or justify the atrocities committed by the rulers of Sri Lanka.

Can the new King of Sri Lanka bring deliverance to the Tamils?

In the last sixty years three hundred thousands were slaughtered, several thousands were raped, tortured, imprisoned and disappeared in Sri Lanka. More than a million have fled the country with the fear of persecution. 99% of the victims were Tamils and 99% of the perpetrators were Sri Lankan military personal or members of Buddhist Sinhala extremist groups. One doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand what is going on in this country.

Freedom is a God given right to every living human on this earth. Tamils in Sri Lanka, Muslims in Bosnia, Jews in Jerusalem, Hindus in Pakistan, Christians in North Korea, Blacks in France, Whites in Zimbabwe and Aboriginals in Australia should all be enjoying the same rights as any other people groups on this planet.

Nazism, Sinhala Chauvinism, Racism, Fascism, you can name them how you like, but these are all manifestations of a social evil, that destroy lives.

The madness that is going on this country can only be stopped by destroying the demon of ignorance from the hearts and minds of those who rejoice in hatred and violence against their follow citizens. This is not a battle against flesh and blood but against the forces of darkness clouding over this nation

Unless the civilised world stand against the perpetrators of human rights abuses, war criminals and corrupt politicians in Sri Lanka, unless we stop dancing to the tunes played by Sri Lankan rulers, unless we confront the agents of Sri Lanka who have been deceiving the international community through lies and deceptions, unless we stop doing business with Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka will continue to persecute its minorities with the blessing of those who are determined to be on the wrong side just to satisfy their own greed.

Governments come and go, but there is no end to the suffering of Tamils in this Island. No matter who comes to power, the root cause of the conflict will again be ignored by the rulers of Sri Lanka deliberately to keep the majority happy. Unless the root cause of the ethnic problem is dealt with, Sri Lanka will face another wave of violence that could even be detrimental to the peace and stability in the whole South East Asia.

Richard Dixon


Source:   Richard Dixon